Thursday, 28 February 2013

Restoran Pokok Pisang @ Alor Setar

Do you ever fancy enjoying lunch at the edge of the padi field with the wind blowing breezes onto your cheeks and exciting rhythm of the wind sweeping the padi plant rustling in your ears?

Then stop by at Restoran Pokok Pisang on Jalan Suka Menanti in Alor Setar. Jalan Suka Menanti is a bypass road between Lebuhraya Sultanah Sambungan and Jalan Gunong. If you're going to ask where just mention new JPJ office Alor Setar and most people in Alor Setar will know it.

The restaurant is located about 300 metres away from the JPJ office. 

Lunch hour can be packed with diners and at times you have to "wait to be seated". No!, not the posh restaurant type but its who gets it first. Ha,ha, Malaysian style I suppose.

The restaurant opens for breakfast serving local Malaysian delicacies and one of them is lempeng. It opens right through lunch and closes when dishes are sold out usually at 4.00 or 5.00 in the evening. 

Diners who patronise during lunch will be able to saviour Ikan Bakar, freshly fried fish such as ikan kembong, bawal etc. These are what attracts diners because it is served hot right from the kitchen. Besides these freshly cooked fish, there are of course other local Malay cuisine and including sambal belacan and ulam. 

The atmosphere is very cosy, comfortable and peaceful with its mostly natural furniture made from second hand wooden material from demolished homes. The tap roof creates the cool atmosphere.

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