Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Visit To Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras

I think not many of us Malaysians especially those living in and around Kuala Lumpur are aware that there is a government hospital dedicated to physical rehabilitation ni Kuala Lumpur.
I came to know just because a relative of mine was transferred and posted to the hospital located at Jalan Yaakob Latif in Cheras. Least I expected that the hospital is well equipped and a full pledge hospital complete with clinics, pharmacies and wards. Click the photo below to enlarge.

I visited to hospital when my wife intended to treat her lingering sinus problem using acupuncture at Klinik Perubatan Tradisional & Komplimentari.
This department offer traditional healing methods and at present there is only acupuncture and traditional body massage. I myself get a massage for my shoulder problem. In future the hospital will also offer ayurveda and chiropractic.

Since the hospital is very new and not many people knew, the management offers FREE treatment to patients. Next time you visit your doctor and has lingering physical problems including stroke, ask for a referral to the Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras. Charge is RM 5.00 for Malaysian citizens. Why not get it when they are FREE. Get this message around.  

The doctor who attended us even requested to get friends and relatives to get specialist treatment here. He feels that its a waste of rakyat's money when they do not get enough patients in terms of cost effective. There are only two other patients beside us during our visit.     

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