Thursday, 14 February 2013

Be Part Of Legoland History During CNY

Legoland Malaysia is in the midst of creating another history with Lego Bricks at its park in Nusajaya to coincide with ushering the Chinese New Year this year. They are attemting to build the worl's longest snake  out of Lego Bricks. Visitors to the park can be part of the history making by giving a hand in building the snake while having their day out at the theme park.

Legoland Malaysia, since its opening in September 2012, had organised major attraction events do commemorate certain occasions that has some relation with the Malaysian community.

This attempt to build the world’s longest LEGO® snake had started during the Chinese New year Weekend and will keep growing until Sunday 17th February 2013 when the official length will be measured.

If building remains on track it is estimated that the snake will reach more than 300 metres in length and use approximately one million LEGO bricks. Once it is finished, the world’s longest LEGO snake will wind its way through The Beginning and Miniland areas of the 76 acre Park.

“We have had an auspicious start to Chinese New Year at LEGOLAND and are on track with our attempt to build the world’s longest LEGO snake,” said Siegfried Boerst, General Manager of LEGOLAND Malaysia. “Achieving our first LEGO building record would be the perfect way to mark our first Chinese New Year as we wish prosperity and longevity to all our guests in the Year of the Snake.”

The snake was designed by LEGOLAND Master Model Builders, led by the Model Shop Manager, Stefan Bentivoglio. The head of the snake was built in advance and they are coordinating with visitors in the record attempt since it started last on 9th February. The LEGO snake’s body will grow section by section by the visitors. For the snake to reach more than 300 metres it needs over 3000 individual sections; each one takes approximately 30 minutes to build.

The countdown is on to Sunday 17th February, when time is up for the record attempt. The snake’s tail will be connected at a special in-Park event, and its official length will be measured and announced by Siegfried Boerst. A variety of other celebrations including Chinese Magic Mask and Drum performances will continue at LEGOLAND over the course of the record attempt. The Park will be open from 10am – 8pm every day during this period.

Visitors interested to participate in the building activity can find ticket information at the LEGOLAND Malaysia website:

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