Sunday, 13 August 2006

Lorong Kulit -Pasar Karat

Lorong Kulit beside the Penang City Stadium is where you can find new and old items on sale at cheap price. From modern day shirt including jerseys of your favourite EPL teams or Serie A to jeans and pants, fruits, cakes, pirated CD and VCD and DVDs to antiques and discarded items, you can find it here. The daily open market is open daily from morning till noon.

According to a friend this open market was at Rope Walk in the city centre but was moved to the present place which is more convenient for locals and tourist alike. Antique hunters can visit the market daily and hunt what they need. On one visit there was a second hand Nissan Sunny on sale.


The market is located at the vicinity of the Stadium Bolasepak Pulau Pinang between Lorong Kulit and Jalan Perak. It is reachable from Komtar if you drive along Jalan Datuk Keramat. Upon reaching the junction of  Jalan Perak turn left onto Jalan Perak and then turn right onto the Stadium car park. Just park your car there because you might find it hard to get a parking space along Lorong Kulit.  The Google Maps below might be of some help.


tumismenumis said...

Greeting. Nice place and nice items. Never heard of this place.

zaharibb said...

Thank you for visiting. If you want to go to the place on Penang Island, just ask the Penangites where is Pasar Karat. They will show you the way.


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