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Legoland - To Satisfy Your Palate

A days outing at Legoland Malaysia will surely squeeze you dry if you do not take care of your body's water content. The sweating in the scorching hot sun due to the trees not yet well grown, will make you loose a lot of water and as a guidance consume lots of plain water or you will leave the park dehydrated apart from the potential of getting sunburn. I have posted some advice base on my experience after visiting the park with my family earlier. Read it HERE.

Visitors can enjoy a whole day in the park without worrying about empty stomach, because there are food outlets in all the parks that suits your appetite. LEGOLAND Malaysia provide three restaurants, four food stands and eleven food carts, offering you their Dining Experiences at all the seven parks. The combined restaurants seating can cater for more 1,400 sit -in people at one time.  If you find yourself lost, don't worry because there are 150 Model Citizens (employees) to help.

The mission of LEGOLAND Malaysia's dining experience is to provide an extensive wholesome foods catering to every palate. Healthy meal options are part of the variety of choices.

THE CAFE  (Location - The Beginnings)
Offers freshly baked pastries, buns and breads that come with freshly grounded coffee and the finest blends of tea. Sandwiches are prepared in-house and light meals, like paste, salads, soups, curry puffs and pies are also available. Bottled drinks and juices is also available.
 PIZZA MANIA (Location - Imaginations)
If you are a pizza & pasta lovers, come and watch before your own eyes pizzas being prepared by their chefs in this modern family friendly restaurant, after a birds eye view of Nusajaya and Legoland or after the fun and thrill of the 4D movie next door.

This might be the largest of all the restaurants serving continental, Western and Asian cuisine in a market style concept where guests are encouraged to browse the various fresh food 'stalls' choosing your favourites such as roast chicken, salads, satay, noodles and even the famous Malaysian dish, Nasi Lemak.

Note: From this bloggers experience, the meat is very tender and opt for the black pepper sauce)

ROBOT KITCHEN (Location - LEGO Technic area)
Serving Asian Delights such as curry puffs, pratha bread wraps, steam "Pau" buns and samosa to name a few.

KNIGHT'S FEAST ( Location - LEGO Kingdom area)
Brave knights and fair maidens will be able to satisfy their heroic appetites with grilled food such as burgers, hot dogs, sausages, chicken \, fish satay and lamb chops. There are also self serving ice cream and waffles.

THE JUNGLE CAFE (Location - Land of Adventure area)
No theme park is complete without a burger and hot dog stand! At Legoland, all burgers and hot dog are grilled to perfection, and of course onion rings, fries, and chicken nuggets are also served.

 Besides restaurants there are food stands like this one below at various locations for you to quench your thirst or have some light meals.

Offers an assortment of snacks like ice cream in a waffle cone, Danish pastries, popcorn and waffles as well as drinks such as smoothies and juices and hot beverages that you can buy before watching a show.

Note: All restaurants are self-service and have indoor and outdoor seating areas.
Only HALAL food are served within LEGOLAND Malaysia. 
Food price: The average Adult meal in one of the three restaurants is between RM10.50 and RM 23.00. Kids meal consisting of one main, side and a drink costs RM 15.00/

To give you an idea of where the location of these eating outlet, check out the park map below.

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