Friday, 27 July 2012

Win Tix To Watch Dinosaur Project

I was on my way to KL City centre today and as usual take the LRT. At Bukit Jalil Station there is a fiesta going on inside, that is after you pass the gate. Some sort of STation Alive, I think. It is organised to coincide with the London2012 Olympics and the EPL team of Arsenal and Manchester City Asian Tour 2012.

As usual telcos take part. There is ASTRO booth, UMobile, Celcom and Digi. Not missing is TMnet promoting UNIFI. Since it is within the station building, only commuters can access the area. I think some what not very practical. Why not organise it outside the station and any member of the public can access it. This is not the first time RAPIDKL organise such event and if they want the crowd don't do it within the confinement of the gates and depriving both parties the event participants and the general public.

A young gentleman approached me and he is promoting a new social media application. It is Since it is new, promotion is surely a must. He invited me to sign up with the website and being a social media aggregator, I oblighed and sign up.
The site seems interesting since it has many categories such as Health & Fitness,Automotive, Bookstore, Business, Computer & IT, Dining, Entertainment and Fashion. For movie go-ers, you can watch trailers from the site too. There is also News and Radio section listing local radio stations.

Since it is a local social media website, I think it cater to the needs of locals but it is too early for me to give any star rating to compare with other social media website such as Facebook, Friendsters, MySpace etc. There is also a shout box for you to hooray!!

Signing up is a breeze. It does not take you more than two minutes. As a token for signing up, I was eligible to try my luck at kicking the ball into coloured rectangle and I can pick a lucky packet based on the colour. I kicked it into a yellow rectangle and pick my packet. The prize was a complimentary ticket for two to watch either Dinosaur Project to be screened in Malaysia beginning end August 2012 or Mae nak. 

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