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LEGOLAND Media Family Day - The Visit Part II

Now that I have claimed our entry tickets, its time to enter the park and enjoy what is presented. To the administrators of LEGOLAND it will be a dry run to see and gauge how ready the park the rides, the facilities and their staff to cope with visitors when its door will be officially open in 14 days to come. 
There was a security check on visitors who carry in large bags. For security purposes, LEGOLAND Malaysia reserves the right to search and inspect every visitors belongings at its discretion. It might be for safety and preventing dangerous items being brought into the park, a public entertainment place and maybe to from food being smuggled in : Outside coolers, food, and beverages -except for those with infants or special medical needs - are not allowed into the park. Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited. 


As soon as we pass the turnstile gate, visitors can see a row of service centres including Guest Service Centre, ATM machine (Maybank. Another one was spotted outside near the ticketing booth), Mini Market, Lockers and Stroller rentals. There two types of strollers that can be rented, Single for RM 20 and Double stroller for RM30. I forgot to inquire about the locker rentals. At the end of this row is The Big Shop where visitors can buy Lego based souvenirs. 

On the left is The Brick Shop where there is a Cafe and Brick Shop Photo.


At Lego Technic there is Project X for those who wants to boost their adrenalin. It has a four seater roller coaster and there was a long queue to experience the ride. I and my kids join the line and after about half an hour there was an announcement that the roller coaster is experiencing technical problem and had to be suspended temporarily. My half an hour wasted. More time wasted by those in front of us.

However I manage to take a ride on the Project X four seater later in the evening when the ride resume.   A not of advice: If you come in a group of four be sure to ride in one car to save on your budget on photo captured unless everyone wants a piece of the RM 30.00 photo showing your facial expression during the fastest phase of the track declining super fast. 


This the central section of the park surrounded by other sections and circled by the LEGOLAND Express track. 

Miniland is made up of scaled down miniature landmark and buildings within Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia and even China with its Great Wall. It has 17 different miniature LEGO structures.

One outstanding miniature landmark within the park is the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Tower. If I am not mistaken, the GM had mentioned that its the highest Lego brick structure in the world


This is traveling back in time. There is a castle and there are two different roller coaster ride.The Dragon's Apprentice is for those who want to have a taste of a roller coaster because it has a 'mild' challenge curves and heights. 

Then if you have the confident, upgrade to The Dragon and let your adrenalin rush takes over. However if you are brave enough, just skip the Apprentice.

By the way for kids and faint hearted adults can just try the Royal joust riding on a LEGO horseback. Hahaha.....


We had the first 4D 'movie' and all patrons have to wear this futuristic looking 3D glassed. Most of us had the 3D experience but with the 4th Dimension we can feel actually feel it. The snow, the sprinkling of water, wind and heat etc. Worth an experience. Word of advice, cover your electronic gadgets as not to let mist or droplets of "rain" damage your equiptment. 

At this section too there is the LEGO Tower and visitors can ride up to take a birds eye view of LEGOLAND and also Nusajaya surrounding. If you have ride the Taming Sari tower in Melaka, it has the same system of operation. I felt a bit dissapointed not to have the opportunity to take the ride because of the tower scheduling and reserved for media (even though I was invited as media). 


The main attraction here might be "the water splash" but it seems its still under maintenance. This section takes visitors back to ancient Pharoah's time and a feel of the Middle East.


We went to Lego City where the family fun is actually is. Rides and games can be played among the family member and challenge other family member. We just took the fire fighting challenge and it was quite a strenuous task especially for those unfit. 

Finally we took the LEGOLAND Express to sum up our visit. Taking the LEGOLAND Express will enable visitor to see all the attractions on both side of the track. 

We miss the boating school and my kids the Junior Driving School since it was already after 6.00 pm. Last call to rides is at 6.00 pm and those who is already in line have until 8.00 pm to get their ride. 


LEGOLAND provide ample facilities for visitors. There are food outlets at all the parks except miniland. 
Smoking is NOT ALLOWED (for kids health) except at designated smoking area available at all parks. 

Rest rooms is available at all parks.

There are two Suraus for for both Male and Female. One between The Brick Shop and another at Imagination next to Pizza Mania. There is also a baby care centre at this location. 

First aid support manned by qualified first aid personnel is located at  LEGO City. Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) are also available. If you suspect any health in-comfort, do not hesitate to notify any Model Citizen or Park Rangers. 

Locker Rentals. Keep your belongings safe at the lockers located at The Beginnings. It is coin operated and if I am not mistaken the Fee for locker is RM2.00 (Small) and RM40.00 (Large)
Locker room within the park (above)
 Lockers outside the park next to the entrance gate.


1. Entrance ticket is a bit expensive considering the income of average Malaysians. For foreigners such as Singaporean it is considered cheap compared to their Universal Studio.

My 2 cents suggestions: Maybe LEGOLAND can structure the entry ticket. Normal price and unlimited access  to all rides. Lower price ticket for those who do not want to enjoy the rides or limited access to certain areas. To enable these type of ticket purchasers, LEGOLAND can sell store-up value magnetic swipe cards (balance non refundable) that can be topped up so they can swipe to gain entry to rides. It can also be used to purchase food and souvenir items. This card can also be used as souvenir items for card collectors. 

Based from my experience not everyone has the opportunity to experience all the rides even if they wished to due to long queues or time constraint. Let visitors get their money worth.  

2. Souvenir items too is expensive for example a baseball cap is priced at RM49.95. Read HERE too

3. Food too is priced quite high (to my spending power). To save money I just bought kids pizza for lunch. 


1. Ladies DO NOT wear high heels. Sneakers, walking shoes is more appropriate. Jogging shoes is much better. 
2. Keep your jewelry or valuables at home.
3. Drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration
4. Wear cap, hats or such to protect your face from the sun. Long sleeved shirt can hide your hands from the sun too. 
5. Bring an umbrella. you do not want to buy a RM 70.00 umbrella do you?
6. Follow all instructions, rules and regulation for your own and others safety. 
7. Depending of nature of disability, rides, attractions, and shows at the park are accessible to disabled guests. Read the details of health restrictions posted at each ride or attractions.
8. Standard wheelchairs are available to all guests; no other personal wheeled vehicles are allowed in the park. 
9. Dispose all aluminium cans, plastic bottles and Park Maps into recycle bins found around the park. 
10. Do Not use offensive language or wear rude clothing in the park.
11. No flash photography, smoking, eating or drinking in any attraction for the comfort of those around. 
12. Weather alert : Due to Tropical climate, thunderstorms occur  regularly. In the event of thunderstorms within close proximity to the park, outdoor attractions will be closed for safety purposes.   

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