Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Its Padang Besar by Train

The last time I was in Padang Besar was in February 2011. That was the record in my Foursquare check in history.

Then I was still staying in Kuala Lumpur. However this time I am back in Kedah. 

The introduction of the KTM Komuter between Butterworth and Padang Besar provide ease of travel between both locations and communities around stations the the train made a stop. 

My journey starts at Anak Bukit Station. I took the ETS train towards Padang Besar since I am qualified for the Senior Citizen concession of 50% and my wife the 40% travelling on my retired civil servant card. However I was a bit puzzled why my fare was RM11 (should be RM8.00) since the fare rate is RM16.00. 

We reached Padang Besar train station at 3.20 PM. Our destination was Aked Niaga Padang Besar. 

Padang Besar's Aked Niaga  is not far from the train station and visitors can either take a taxi or pillion ride on motorcycle. I am not sure of the actual fare but one guy solicit for passengers in the train station and set the price as RM10.00. I am sure many first time visitor will take the taxi but since I know where the Aked niaga is, I decided to just walk.

Its about a kilometre away from the railway station. After walking up to the first floor and towards the only exit after the canteen, take a right turn that leads to Malaysia side Padang Besar and left if you want to enter Thailands side of Padang Besar. 

There's a elevated walkway towards the Immigration border check compound for vehicles leaving and entering Thailand. 

As you walk down the stairs there will be taxi drivers and motorcycle riders soliciting for passengers. I am not sure whether these taxis and motorcycle riders are legal. There are signage reminding visitors not to take the illegal transport. 

From that point you can just walk to the Aked Niaga. 

Majority visitors go to Padang Besar for shopping trips while some cross the border wither to the Thai side of Padang Besar or connecting journey into Thiland. Padang Besar, except the Aked Niaga areas, can be considered sleepy especially in the evenings.  

When Keretapi Tanah Melayu introduce the ETS and especially the commuter service, Padang Besar is more accessible from Butterworth and its just about 1hr 30 minutes between both stations. Trains depart hourly. Check the Schedule below.  
 ETS schedule for the north Sector
 Komuter schedule between Butterworth and Padang Besar
 Fare tariff between Butterworth and Padang Besar

Check out Keretapi Tanah Melayu's website for more infos.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Where ELS? Desaru lah

The Els Club Desaru, Johor is the second Championship course in Malaysia, set in the heart of Desaru Coast. The other one is in Teluk Datai, Langkawi. 

Els Club was  inspired by Theodore Ernest "Ernie" Els, a South African professional golfer. A former World No. 1, he is known as "The Big Easy" due to his imposing physical stature along with his fluid golf swing. 

During our media visit in September 2016, we were made to know that it has just been open golfers two days before.

Els Desaru features 45 holes of golf in total, comprising two distinct clubs; the Ocean course, a 27 hole golf course  and the Valley course, n 18 hole course designed in collboration with Els' long standing friends and major championship. 

The Ocean: featuring the 27 hole championship course features 3 distinct 9 holes course; Lake, Coast and Ridge.  covering 45,000 sq feet. The 18 holes course features 25,000 sq feet designed by designed Ernie Els

The Valley: A Par 72, 7200 yard, 18 hole championship golf course designed in colloboration long standing friend and major champion, Vijay Singh. The course offer a dramatic change in elevation and provide golfers of all skills level a challenging round with a variety of shot throughout. This course also features a 25,000 square foot clubhouse complete with a golf shop, locker rooms, a casual dining restaurant nd meeting space for up to 120 people. It is expected to be opened in early 2017. 

The club House : features a 45,000 square feet contemporary clubhouse design, private function rooms, golf shop, locker rooms and two casual dining restaurants. 

ELS Performance Golf Academy is the first of its kind in Asia, is the state-of-the-art  centre of excellence. It is accessible from the Ocean and The Valley. 

It offers most up-to-date technology, diagnostic and teaching strategies. for golfers to improve his/her golfing skills and putting skills.. At the Academy golfers can practice their swings and analyzed by the computer on different parameters by Mia Sports Solution technology. Mia Sports Solution has also been used by world’s leading Tour Professionals including Tiger Woods, Jordan Speith, Ian Poulter, Padraig Harrington, Bill Hass, Hunter Mahan and Mark Wilson. 

ELS Club has a pro golf coach, Mr PJ from South Africa and had experience working in other golf courses especially in Dubai

Above: parameters tested 

The Little Easy - Par 3 Golf Course - Its a 9-hole par 3 course that is great fun for the whole family and located adjacent to The Els Performance Golf Academy. The holes range in distance from 50 meters up to 15o meters. With two sets of tee boxes on each hole, golfers will be able to play the course multiple times from different starting points. THe course measures 1064 yards and is Par 27.

FEES: Weekdays  Mon-Fri RM424 and Weekends Sat-Sun/Pbulic holidays RM530 and inclusive of 6% GST. Special discounted rates apply to Malaysian and Malaysian Residents. Call within. 


It is accessible from Senai Airport - 45 minutes and 60 minuted from Singapore's Changi Ferry Terminal.

Te Els Club Desaru Coast

Pak Mat The Croc Tamer

This not just another babe to play around with. Crocodiles are large aquatic reptiles that lives throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. They are the subfamily of Crocodylinae that is considered as true crocodile. 

It was not my first time encounter with this crocodile thingy, but a first visit to any crocodile farm. My first crocodile related experience as a blogger was when I attended the launching of Season 2  Natgeo wild's Dangeruous Encounter with Brady Barr at Zoo Negara back in 2012. That was when I had the opportunity to see before my eyes how Dr Brady Barr a crocodile expert wrestle and catch a crocodile bare handed. Read HERE.

At the Telok Sengat Crocodile Farm however there's no Dr Brady Barr, however but there's Pak Mat the caretaker. The crocodiles seems to react well to his high pitch hoarse voice and banging on the wheelbarrow that brings lunch to the crocs. 

Telok Sengat Crocodile Farm is the largets crocodile farm in Malaysia and one of the popular attractions for tourists visiting this South Eastern part of Peninsular Malaysia. There are more than 1000 beasts in this farm alone.

The farm is around 10 acres in size consisting of 8 breeding ponds and 81 concrete cement breeding ponds each holding between 50 to 100 crocodiles. 

Crocodylus Porosus has a life span of between 70 to 100 years. The oldest crocodile in the farm had been living there since it was founded in 1950.  

Male crocodiles seems to have a larger body compared to the females and can grow up to 20 feet in length weighing at least  a thousand kilos. Female crocodile weigh much lighter about 500 kilo and can grow up to 9 feet in length. 

Crocodile mating season starts in August and thats a good month to visit the farm. While walking along the corridors surrounding the breeding pond, I was shown a pair of crocodile stay guard of her egg. 

Visiting the farm can be an educational activity where we can learn about crocodiles and their habitats. We learn that crocodile does not fall sick because its fat content id antiseptic and can heal itself. 

After our visit only I knew that there many benefits of the crodocile. The meat is low in fat, low in cholesterol and has hgh protein. The bone contains lots of calcium and phosporus while the tail is rich n colloid. The tongue is rich in protein and essential amino acids. Its heart is good for cardiovascular circulatory system while the gall bladder is good for detoxification and enhance metabolism. 

Desaru Crocodile Farm also extract crocodile oil from farmed crocodile from 100% of pure croc fat. 
 Visitors can also buy crocodile meat or try the crocodile meat soup. 

Entrance Fee is RM8 for Adults and RM4.00 for children. Visitors can also buy prosessed chicken from the farm and have the experience of feeding the crodocile. 


70.4 Km about 1hr 14 minutes through Route 3/AH18 and Jalan Kota Tinggi Pengerang/Route92. You can also drive through the Senai Desaru Expressway by taking the Ulu Tiram Exit and drive towards Bandar Penawar. 

 Route from Johor Bharu City Centre
Route from Desaru Beach Resorts


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