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More than 500 tough men and women sweat it out and challenge their physical strength to beat the 10 obstacle laid out by the organiser of BDB Extreme Jitra Challenge 2018 on 30th Jun 2018.  While majority of participants are local Kedahans, the event also attracts those from other states such as Penang, Perlis, Klang Valley  and as far as Johore Bahru.

Bina Darulaman Berhad (BDB) host the event at the scenic Darulaman Lake in Jitra and were divided into four categories - Elite Open (Male/Female) General Individual (Male/Female), General Team of 5 (Mixed) and General Team of 5 (students/IPT). Participants has to complete all obstacle laid out and is dubbed as the first and only obstacle run in Kedah.  

The 10 obstacles laid out along the 8km route includes Monkey Bar, Tyre Flip, A Frame and Cargo Net, Tyre Wall, Commando Crawl, Balance Beam, Mud Hills, A Frame Wall Crossing, Lake Run and Ninja climb. All these obstacle test participants their physical limits, fitness level and mental toughness,

The course was laid out within the Bandar Darulaman Lake vicinity and also covers the hiking trail of Darulaman Hills. The 8km obstacle run also covers the beautiful and scenic view of the lake's jogging track.    

BDB Challenge Jitra 2018 is a sporting event that has the potential of attracting tourist to this northern part of Kedah and can be promoted as a state sporting event with the cooperation of Kedah State Government and Tourism Kedah/Malaysia in future.

 This years' event is the third organised by Bina Darulaman Berhad since 2016 and new obstacles are replaced from year to year to provide more challenging task for participants.  
 Top: Winners of Mens Elite 
Bottom : Winners of womens Elite
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Monday, 30 April 2018


Maybe I am late catching the bus. Vlogging has been around for years. According to Wikipedia, vlogging was started by Adam Kontras on January 2nd 2000. He posted a video alongside a blog entry. Then in November the same year Adrian Miles posted a video of changing text on a still image and coined the term vog referring to his video blog.

A video lbog or video log then has been shortened to vlog that is a form of blog but concentrated on using video to tell the story. A vlog often combines a few media output ; text, images and other metadata. Video shoot are either posted in the RAW form or edited to fine tune the story and then posted on the internet. You Tube has its vlog category and is becoming popular by day. Read more on wiki

I was interested in videography since the 80s. I use to borrow a video camera from a friend and go around shooting. But then there was no platform to publish the end result and all are just stored on tapes.

I had been blogging since 2006 and no it seems that blogging has been so saturated and for that reason I am switching to vlogging but still keep posting and updating my blog.

Frankly there are vloggers that inspire me to start vlogging and he is Mohamed Beiraghdary, a 23 years old Emirati whose vlog mo vlog has reached 5 million subscribers with a average daily income of USD 1650 (according to a vlogpost). 

I used to watch his vlog everyday and then switch to other vloggers. Among those are popular vlogger Casey Neistat (9 million subscribers). I watch him to learn his style of editing but I know I will not ape his vlogging style. 

I think its not too late to start anything as long as there's a will and inspiration to do it. Vlogging needs a working mind and some physical activity. Being in 60s I need to have some physical actions and force my brain to work to slow down the process of degenaration. Sitting down in front of the computer editing videos is not an easy task and might take hours. Before that I have to move around to capture footages for the video. And....................................................... that's why I start to vlog. 


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