Monday, 26 March 2018


Recently I started vlogging to move forward from normal blogging because normal blogging is getting saturated. Thousands of blogs on the internet related to travel and tourism and not many people are fond of reading long stories since we bloggers likes give as much information to would be travellers. 

We are well aware that a picture tell a thousand words and stories. A picture is just two dimension or errrr, maybe just one dimension. Ermmmmmm.........

The trend nowadays is moving forward with using of videos to express ourselves. Even Facebook advertisements are moving towards using video clips to market since its more lively and sometimes full of actions compared with lines after lines of words or pictures. Visual impression contribute more mileage. 

A video can show and convey more information and watching them is not as stressful as reading. Our mind needs some relaxation and the presence of the right music within the video helps ourselves to relax or erm psyche up. 

Thats the reason I start to vlog and create a Channel on You Tube. Go to Atok Vlog and Subscribe, Like the videos and Share them. Thank you 


Ah, its getting very dusty and cobwebs here and there.

OK, now that I has logged in I want to move on.

I woke up? Hahahaha.....

Those days I have lotsa thing to write about my travel but since my working days are over, most of the times I am at home. Shake leg la. Hehehe......

When I move back to Alor Setar after retirement, I was hoping the Kedah Tourism would be as active as other Tourism Departments in the country and I can help them market their products. Oh no, what are they doing to promote tourism in Kedah?

When Kedah  was under then MB Datuk Seri Mukhriz Tun Mahathir, they had this Discover  Kedah 2016 program, I was on high hope that I can play my part as a citizen to help promote the events. Being a blogger who writes about travel and I think I can play my part, but all goes in vain. Nothing aggressive was done to dessiminate information relating to Discover Kedah 2016 as what other states, for example Johor going all out with their Explore Johor programme. Tourism Johor rope in media and bloggers with FAM Trips so that they have handson experience at tourism attractions in the state.

I believe there are hundreds of freelance bloggers and travel writers in Kedah who can help promote tourism in the state. Just rope them in to help. Roping these freelance writers and social media influencers does not need a big budget or large scale. They are more than happy to be taken to visit places with some "authority" given to them instead of going on their own.

I want to serve contribute to my state where I was born and brought up. I hope Kedah Tourism can be more proactive with tourism promotion and sometimes last year I read Karlisa Latisya brought up about the "cold effort" of Tourism Kedah in promoting place of attraction and interest in Kedah.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

WHAT TO DO IN ALOR SETAR - 1. Visit Aman Central

Aman Central or locally known as AC is the latest shopping mall and land mark in Alor Setar City and had pulled away crowds from the city centre where City Plaza was once the most popular spot in the city.

Winner of the Highly Commended Development Award at the prestigious International Property Awards 2015-2016, Aman Central is a masterpiece of contemporary sophistication distinctly combined to showcase an architectural landmark. Featuring a total built-up area of 1.25 million square feet and net lettable area of 780,000 square feet spread across 6 levels of 330 retail shops and 60 mini shops. - AC website

Ac is a revival of an abandoned Plaza Tunku Yaakub since the 80s and when the state was taken over by a new PAS Government who unseat the ruling BN during the 12th General Election. The then Menteri Besar, late Tan Sri Dato' Seri Di Raja Azizan Razak, tear down the abondoned building and revive it as Aman Central.

Strategically located opposite the city's icon, Alor Setar Tower, turn out to be the in thing shopping attraction that aroused excitement for locals, some even say just like KL's shopping centre. Hmmmmmm.........

For the first time ever international and regional branded outlets open their branch at AC, not only apparels but food outlets. Those days one has to either travel to Kuala Lumpur or Penang to shop for branded materials. Part of it has been bygone.

Locals can now shop, dine or entertain at a one stop centre in the city. Outlets such as H&M, Uniglo, Padini, Guess, Pandora sits along Nando's, Starbucks, Coffee Beans and Shushi stalls.

Going to AC is quite easy even for tourist because its the only popular Mall in the city unlike Kuala Lumpur where there are Bukit Bintang, Sogo at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman or Damansara. However taxi is not as easy as in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru or Penang, but with the service provided by Uber, it has been made easy to move people around.  


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