Sunday, 16 September 2012

Food Price At Yong Peng Stop Exhorbitant?

I arrived at 5.56 AM in front of AnCasa Hotel near Puduraya, based on my Foursquare Check-in. It was quite early and s usual taxi drivers approached me asking whether I need a taxi.

Went up to Puduraya Surau Jumaat Al Hidayah on the third floor for my Suboh prayer, and I was very fortunate that I arrived in time for the jemaah. The Causeway Link bus was there and in a short while Azrin and Hans from Millenium Associates, the PR agent for Legoland Malaysia arrived. Then a few others, Khairul from NSTP, Koong Yin Jib from Jalan Jalan and Sani from Berita Harian also arrived. Three more members of the group arrived and followed by Hogan Jr of Malaysia-Asia.

The bus leaves for Johor Bahru with only us since it was a chartered coach.

We made a stop for breakfast at Yong Peng Rest Station. The place was located outside of the PLUS highway and when the bus exits PLUS highway through Yong Peng Toll plaza, I recalled my experience in the 90s when I use to travel back to Alor Setar every weekend for two years. Then, the express bus that we took also exit the highway at Slim River and stop at a restaurant where most express buses congregate. The reason is the bus drivers will enjoy free meals and then there are perks too and what I saw was two packet of cigarettes to the driver at the expanses of the passengers. The consequences was the restaurant owner claim the "free gifts" losses from the bus passengers in terms of high price for food and drinks. Well, of course I wrote to "Suara Pembaca" of Berita Harian then.

So as what I expected, the bus entered a well established compound where the operator had built covered bus bays for the convenience of passengers to alight and board especially if it rains.

I had expected food price will be a bit expensive after seeing the lounge for drivers. I had not seen anything but guessed that the drivers might get Free Food and maybe other perks.

I ordered a plate of Nasi Lemak and a small cup of Iced Lemon Tea. The Nasi Lemak (picture below) costs RM 7.00 and a cup of drink costs RM 2.60. The same food item elsewhere might just cost less than RM5.00. Nasi Lemak (such as in the photo) might at the most costs RM3.50 and a small cup of iced drink, I put it at the most RM 1.50. So do you think the operator overcharged? Of course there are other convenience stalls around for customers, if they want to buy food item souvenirs or to top up their phones, but at RnR along the highways too, has the same facilities.

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