Friday, 21 August 2015

Datuk Maharaja Kadhi's Tomb In Tanjung Pauh Kedah

It was unplanned and happens casually when I was looking for a place to eat at Taman Sri Aman, Tanjung Pauh. It was then I saw this small mosque and was able to perform the Asar prayer.

Within the mosque's compound is the Datuk Maharaja Kadhi Syeikh Abdul Jalil's Tomb. It is located at Tanjung Pauh about 19 km away from Alor Setar city. Dato' Maharaja is a title for state dignitaries and he was appointed as the Kadhi Besar Negeri or the Chief Kadhi of Kedah. Before this the tittle of Chief Kadhi was conferred to Hafiz Sab, an eminent Islamic figure from India, who was a disciple of Syeikh Abdul Jalil, an Arab scholar. Dato' Maharaja Kadhi once stayed in Palembang and one of his student was Tuanku Sultan Mohammad Jiwa Zainal Adilin Muazzam Shah.

When Sultan Mohammad Jiwa Zainal Adilin Muazzam Shah was conferred as the 19th Sultan of Kedah (1710-1778), Syeikh Abdul Jalil was appointed as Mufti, and Hafiz Sab as Kadhi and conferred the tittle Dato' Maharaja Kadhi.

The building that housed three tomb is within the Masjid India Muslim Syeikh Abdul Jalil's compound.

There are three graves located housed within the tomb. The main grave belongs to Dato' Maharaja Khadi  Sheikh Abdul Jalil. On the fight belongs to Sheikh Ibrahim Shah while on the left is of Mohammad Yusoff.

Since Dato' Maharaja Khadi Syeikh Abdul Jalil is one of the Wali Allah, many congregate to this tomb with the intention to commit vows that are contrary to the teachings of Islam. For that reason the village got its name Datuk Keramat. However due to preachings by Muslim scholars, understanding of the religion and the caretakers of the Mosque, Kedah Indian Muslim League, prohibit the practice of using the tomb for wrong practices. In Islam one ask or request directly to Allah and not through any other medium.   

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