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Oppa Kampung Style @ Pulau Pisang

The first thing that we approached is a cage that housed a very big python curled up at one corner. This position remains from the time we arrived at 2.00 pm until we left at 5.00pm. It was a big 'ular sawa batek' maintained by the owner of Homestay MADA Pulau Pisang in Jitra, Kedah

The location of this homestay is truly a Kedah kampung style with houses and the surrounding of real kampung scenery. It is run by Atan Ghani or popularly called as Pak Atan. He is actually a long lost friend of mine when we were schoolgoing kids in late 60s and 70s.

Homestay MADA Kampung Pulau Pisang is a place for city dwellers who had been missing their nostalgic kampung life to recereate their memories and relive the life they once cherished. It is also a place for modern day kids to get to feel what kampng life is all about even though some modern facilities had been incorporated into the homestay such as electricity and television sets. However the surrounding is still intact. 

What does Homestay MADA Pulau Pisang provide?
Pond /Padi Field fishing is available not only using modern equipment but also those traditional stuff such as using the 'taut'
Top: The 'taut' is a traditional fishing method and small frogs are used as bait. 

Canoeing can be done in a lake within the Homestay. Two seater canoe and life jacket is available. 

Sightseeing on bike. Take a two seater tandem bike or a pixie and cycle round the kampung and enjoy the padi fields and hills as far as Gunung Keriang. 

Experiencing padi field mud. Pak Atan had converted a small plot of land next to Surau ? for a 365 days a year playing in the mud. He told me that the reason he came up with the idea is that the normal padi field is not safe for kids (adults included) to play because of use of fertilizers and chemicals to kill harmful padi insects and pest and residue might remains. So, all those adults who had missed out their mud slinging experience those days can come and relive their nostalgia.
Top: The Surau with the artificial padi field in the foreground.

Team Building activities especially for school children or youths can also be arranged. There is a dorm that can house about 35 people.
Top: The Dorm Sri Pisang that can house participants for motivation camps or large group of school children to this homestay.
Top: This typical Kedah kampung house is just RM200 per night and can house large family members.
Top: Two units of this (Teratak Rastali and Teratak Berangan) is RM80 each and suitable for couples with one or two small kids.
Top: Rumah Timur Barat is RM 100 pernight

Groups of visitors can also arrange side activities with Pak Atan if you want to see how some traditional cakes are made, such as the kueh karas or see how kerawang are made. If you want to see how monkeys climb and pluck coconut or petai, can also be arranged.

Guest staying at this homestay will be accessible to all recreation facilities which is inclusive in the daily package.

Camping ground are also available if guest prefer to sleep in tents instead of chalets.

Kampung Pulau Pisang is a traditional Malay Kampung surrounded with fruit trees and padi fields and is about 30 minutes away from Alor Setar City and about 10 minutes away from the nearest town Jitra. It is believed that this community has been in existence since 1849. It also has the historical Tunku Anom graveyard.

There is actually two types of homestay in Kg Pulau Pisang that is Kampung stay and homestay (living with families). MADA Pulau Pisang is a kampung stay where guest stays independently in chalets within its compound.

I was told by Pak Atan that activities at his homestay is seasonal and use to follow the padi planting season. Photos provided by Pak Atan HERE. During my visit Pak Atan is preparing to greet a group of Universiti Utara Malaysia students who will be coming for some activities.

Pak Atan hopes that backpackers who are on the way from Thailand down south or to Singapore, make a transit at this homestay and experience the real kampung life. He is prepared to fetch backpackers from Jitra town and back if they want to stay. However if they change their mind after arriving at the homestay, they are always free to ask Pak Atan to send them back to Jitra.

Top: Google map capture showing location. Check for cordinate at the bottom of the map

Places of interest that can be included in your stay here is a visit to the historical Tunku Anum Grave and if you want to test your adrenaline with your scrambler, there is a track nearby.

This homestay is registered with Ministry of Tourism

More Photos HERE 

Address: Kampung Pulau Pisang, 06000 Jitra, Kedah
Telephone : +60175190638 / 0125773571
Website :
Facebook : Homestay MADA Pulau Pisang 


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