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Teambuilding @Klana Resort

Where do you go for teambuilding activities? Most of us will visualize teambuilding activities at beach resorts, jungle retreats or outdoor camps.

However in Seremban, teambuilding activities is held at a four star Klana Resort hotel just 3 minutes drive away from the busy commercial centre of Seremban town. Klana Resort Seremban has one teambuilding program that branded itself as My Teambuilding Destination because it has a 21 course obstacle to build team cohesion, personal character and team spirit.

Many high profile companies had engaged Klana Resort to help build up their staff, including the likes of MAXIS, CIMB, TNB, IBM, Toyota, AIA, ING Insurance Bhd, Shell, HSBC, Citibank KFC, Pizza hut etc.

By choice Klana Resort Teambuilding and Leadership Programmes is the market leader for team building. Supported by a team of dynamic and dedicated facilitators, their activities are designed to renew team energy, inspire employees to do more and create team spirit. Their activities invoke motivation, morale strengthening, responsibility and assertiveness.

Being My Teambuilding Destination , Klana Resort pride itself as a destination to educating and training people to embrace the spirit of effective and high performing team culture through a systematic cycle of experiential learning methods.

Klana Resort is the only hotel within a radius of 100 km with purpose built outdoor circuit comprising various challenges to address components of Communications, Planning, problem solving and Strategic Thinking.

My Teambuilding at Klana Resort's Goal and objective is to develop, enhance and instill the following team core values:
  • Passion and enthusiasm
  • Committment
  • Ownership
  • Relationship and colloboration
  • Building trust and confidence
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Competitiveness
Besides building teamwork, their activities also instill learning curve for individuals including:
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Management styles
  • Effective communication
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Individual and collectivism

·    In order to achieve the above programs are designed and conducted in an experiential learning environment and supported by a team of dynamic and dedicated facilitator. Programmes are designed and matched according to the goals and objectives of the organization and training medium can be delivered through a mix of classroom sessions and co-related together with a required number of outdoor team activities.

      Activities in the program includes :
  •        Rapelling
  •        Flying fox
  •        High ropes
  •        Low ropes
  •        Obstacle elements
  •        Spider web
  •        Minefield
  •        Tube Rafting
  •        Paintball
  •        Mini Explorace
  •        Treasure hunt
  •        Telematches
  •        Bomb removal
We were given a preview what they have in store, even though we did not finish all the obstacles and activities. Not everybody was involved but only "the brave" among the media members took the challenge to prove that they have the nerve to dismiss their acrophobia by rapelling and flying fox. Rapelling drops from Level 5 while Flying Fox from Level 4. 

For me, the last time I did rapelling was in 1995 at KD Malaya in TLDM's Naval Base in Lumut. My most challenging part at Klana Resort is not the rapelling section but climbing the flight of stairs from the ground to the fifth floor.

 I also faced another tiring challenge during the flying fox flight. Climbing the vertical ladder from the ground to the fourth floor is more taxing than climbing the the fire emergency stairs for rapelling. It was really a fitness test on my 59 years old body and I passed. Yahooooo.......!!!!

 After the two activities on dry ground, we move over to the Klana Resort swimming pool for the tube rafting. Two teams only took part in the rafting.  

Personally I observe that the facilitators are really committed to their task assisting us throughout the activities.

If your company or organisation want to have Teambuilding activities, Kelana Resort can be your choice because of its comfort.
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