Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Do You Know There's A PORT In Ipoh?

What is a PORT doing in the centre of a city where there's no bit of sea?

Yes!! there's a PORT along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah  (formerly Tiger Lane) opposite the Institut Latihan Kejururawatan. Its a stone’s throw away from Fella Design, a household name in the home-furnishing industry, the converted government quarters is easily identifiable by the lettering “PORT” which stand proudly on a pedestal at the entrance to the house.

PORT is an acronym for People Of Remarkable Talent. Its a "port" as we use to saya to mean place where we hang around, for those who have passion in all areas of art to congregate for any activities related to their artistic talents and also for those who admire work of art. The centre was mooted by the Perak state government and launched in 2011. 

The aim of PORT is to help youngsters gets more exposure to various creative art through workshops to be organised from time to time. It will also garner cohesion among different art talents including cultures and is focused for youths in Perak. 

Different cultural activities will also be encouraged such as dances besides arts and craft, graphics, acting, theatre performances and music.

PORT was converted from two abandoned Government quarters which was a haven for drug addicts. It was IDR (Institut Darul Ridzuan) under the ambit of Perak State Government that work out the transformation 

Perak has many talented artists in various fields and if not exposed will go to waste and some of their artistic talents will be history. Among the popular Perakians in the field of art is cartoonist Dato' Mohamad Nor Khalid or popularly known as Latt. We also has screenwriter Mamat Khalid, singer Datuk M. Daud Kilau besides talented individuals in fine arts that has been tradition since those days. 
Photos downloaded from the internet
The art of making labu sayung is another craft that if not passed over to the new generation will die away. 

Accodring to En Zamri Muhyi who briefed us during the media visit, he is setting up plans to make PORT livelier and hope be given time since he has just been appointed to head PORT. 

Perak born talented individual or groups who want to showcase their talents can approach PORT Management for assistance to showcase their talents. 
Previous activities organised at PORT was the Tweetup Ipoh in 2012. and HERE.

When fully operated, PORT can be another tourist attraction product for Perak as a one stop centre for tourist to witness arts and culture of Perak. 


P.O.R.T Ipoh, No. 9 dan 11 Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (Tiger Lane), Ipoh Perak.
Coordinate: +4° 34′ 50.73″, +101° 6′ 26.31″ (4.580759, 101.107309)
PORT management can be contacted at 012-5258213
Facebook : P.O.R.T
Twitter handle : www.twitter.com/PORTipoh
Google Map below show the location of PORT.

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