Thursday, 21 June 2012

@ Zoo Negara With NatGeo Wild

I can't remember quite well when I last visited Zoo Negara at Ulu Kelang but I think it might be in the 70s or 80s. I can hardly remember what I saw then since it had happened years back.

My youngest son too had many times insisted we go to Zoo Negara for a visit but it seems time is not on my side. I still hope that his wish will be granted in the not too far future ( this correct?).

On 20th June 2012, however, I had the rare opportunity to be at Zoo Negara for an outing with 'Dangeruous Encounters with Brady Barr'. Dr. Brady Barr a renowned National Geographic reptile expert was in Malaysia in search of adventure, and the exploration of reptilian wildlife that Malaysia has to offer to the world. Season 7 The Most Dangeruous Encounters & Dangeruous Encounters hosted by Brady Barr will be aired on National Geographic Channel (Astro Ch 550) and National Geographic Wild (Astro Ch 550) beginning 27th Jun 2012, and will be on air on every Wednesday.

The event was brought by Fox International Channels a subsidiary of Fox Entertainment Groups and Astro to promote the program. Zoo Negara hosted the venue at Dataran Dato' Ismail Huston within the zoo complex. Media representatives, bloggers and school children from selected schools within Klang valley.

Dr Barry was in person during the event to relate his Dangeruous encounters and experiences when putting himself in the danger zone, the reptiles and wild territorry. His mission is also to spread the message that wildlife is an endangered species and we have to protect them because they are part of the eco system. An example of his message is why we must have snakes is because they are predators to rats. Rats brings many disease.

The event was not only a theoretical presentation but also a 'live show' when Barry show how to wrest snakes and the audience was brought to the reticulated phyton's pit where there are five phyton in it.

Another hands-on presentation by Dr Barry is at the crocodile nest. 

This is how to hold the crocodile safely so that it can't injure you. Ermmm, you dare? Even this is just the smallest species of croc.

To the kids present Dr Barry's message is to love the wildlife and reptiles because they are very important in our eco system. If one of the species is extinct it will lead to a domino effect and make other species endangered too. forget about buying apparels made out of crocodile and snake skins and products. It only alleviate to extinction process. 

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Rayyan Haries said...

I bet you had a great time! hehe :D

cikgu said...

I do learn something about wildlife from Dr Brady.

HEMY said...

waaa..this is the other event that really cant be missed that day isn't it!!!

salam kenal cikgu


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