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A Visit And Iftar At Warisan Kaseh, Banting

It has been a few times that I visited Banting, Selangor about 66 km away through Federal Highway and onto Jalan Klang Banting. However one can reach the town through Putrajaya and  then take the Dengkil exit and after Dengkil town turn right onto Jalan Banting. 

Banting's economy comes mainly from agriculture and predominantly Oil Palm plantations. Banting is also located along the way to Morib beach. Once Banting produces world badminton champions from the Sidek brothers of Misbun, Jailani, Razif and Rashid. The brothers who was groomed by their father, who was also a great badminton player, had been champions in various tournament at world level including All England and Olympics hail from Kanchong Darat

Banting also came into the limelight in August 2010 when a cosmetic millionaire, Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others was murdered at Tanjung Sepat. 

When on previous visits I just pass through the town but yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit one of the village in Banting called Kampung Sungai Kelambu for a Iftar function, "Mesra Kaseh Media", co-organised by Al Ansar Group and Dewan Perdagangan Islam Malaysia(DPIM)

Kanpung Sungai Kelambu might just be like another village within the oil palm plantations but there is something special about it, the presence of a charity complex named Kompleks Darul Maghfiroh Jilul Marzuki

Warisan Kaseh is a privately owned complex managed by Hj Masrukin Marzoki and supported by Al Ansar Group. that house a surau, madrasah, recreation ground and an old folks retreat centre. This home unlike other old folks home is not a place where sons come and leave their aged mother or father but a retreat so that they can have access to religious commitment without having to trouble others. With all the facilities available within easy reach, occupants can concentrate full time with their religuous activities. 

I had this opportunity to join denaihati networks who invited media and bloggers for the Iftar at Warisan Kaseh. 

I left Bukit Jalil at about 3.30 an took the Puncak Jalil route towards Putrajaya and through Dengkil before reaching Kampung Sungai Kelambu about 4.45 pm, just in to time to perform the Asar prayer at Surau Haji Marzoki within the complex. Other members of the media and bloggers came by bus from Shah Alam. 
After prayer we meet at Hj Masrukhin's residence for a media briefing about the Complex. 

* At present there are 10 occupants with five of them permanent while the other come on and off. 

* Hj Masrukhin said that the shelter home he operates is unlike other old folks home where occupants were either abandoned by their sons/daughters, neglected or dismissed, but at Warisan Kaseh they come voluntarily to seek most of their time towards submitting oneself to Allah while reaching the end of life with the facilities available.

+* he comfort that occupants experience is the kampung life with green surroundings where they can practice gardening or small scale private farming, performing neighbouring activities, performing congregational prayers at the surau and taking care of each others in a conducive atmosphere. 

* Warisan Kaseh, according to the operator, tries to create a harmoniousness atmosphere, calm and peace among the occupants irrespective whether they come voluntarily or sent by their sons/daughter due to busy lifestyle of the latter and do not want their old parent neglected. 

* Hj Masrukhin relates, " When age increases, with sons living a busy and hectic life to fulfill life's need to feed the family, at times resulting in their old aged parents felt neglected, even though that is not their intention". He goes on to stress that Warisan Kaseh welcome old folks who want to stay permanently or come from time to time. They can come and leave any time they want to or fetched by their sons.

* During the Ramadhan, Warisan Kaseh welcomes old folks are living alone to come and stay together so that they can have the opportunity to fast, breaking fast, perform tarawih prayer and sahur besides revising their Fardhu ain, reading the Quran and other activities as a big family without any cost. 

Towards the end of his briefing, he urged anyone who has any information of any old folks who are staying alone, or with friends, or living in hardship are most welcome to stay at Warisan Kaseh. 

Haji Masruhkin, the owner and operator of the retreat

The old folk retreat can be reached through this address

Warisan Kaseh Darul Magfiroh
Kampung Sungai Kelambu Timur,
42700 Banting, Selangor
Tel: +603 3187 5304


The home has three sections: The womens section, Mens section and separated by a homestay. The homestay can be utilised by families who want to visit or spend time with their aged parent occupying the home or maybe a stopover when they want to come for a short visit. The homestay can accomodate 20 guest at a time. There is no strict rules for both occupants and visitors.
Top: Warisan Kaseh home where occupant stay and (below) common area at the homestay.



Media and bloggers from Kuala Lumpur were invited to attend the Majlis Iftar Mesra Kaseh Media co organised by Al Ansar Group, Dewan Perdagangan Islam Malaysia and Blog Network Denaihati on 8th August 2012. 

14 bloggers attended the function and entertained to the Iftar or breaking of the fast together with occupants of Warisan Kaseh, orphans from Rumah Anak Yatim & Asnaf As Solihin, Kanchong Darat, Tahfiz's students from Ma'ahad Ehya Al Ahmadi, Banting and the Kg Sungai Kelambu residents. 

During the opening address, Al Ansar Group Director, Hj Muhammad Khanafi Husin mention that the function is to foster a closer relationship among Muslims during this blessed month of Ramadhan besides recognizing the media and bloggers who had been very cooperative in covering and disseminating news and information about Al Ansar Group and its subsidiaries. This enable the Group and its activities to be known not only among Malaysians but world wide. 

Among its subsidiaries is E-Qurban Resources Sdn Bhd. that is becoming known to Malaysian communities. E-Qurban is a link between Muslims to perform the Qurban and Aqiqah, that is a religious sacrifice as a sign of submission to Allah SWT by every faithful Muslim. Click the image blow to learn about E-Qurban activity especially to our Muslim community in Cambodia. 


Haji Muhammad also mention that during this Aidil Adha, the company will lead another media group to Cambodia to visit the districts and villages and experience how Cambodian Muslims celebrate Aidil Adha there while witnessing the distribution of Qurban by Cambodian Muslim Cooperatives. The cooperative was set up by Al Ansar as an effort to raise the socio economy of Cambodian Muslims. This will be a follow up of a successful visit recently by Malaysian media and a blogger to cover the Aqiqah rites. 

During the breaking of fast I had the opportunity to taste an energy drink, Bio Cypress Extra from Al Ansar Food Supplies.  Click the link to learn about the properties of the drink that also contain zam zam water.

Addressing guest during the function is also Hj Mohammad Khanafi Hussin, Vice President on DPIM on behalf of its President Tan Sri Muhammad Ali bin Hashim who can't make it to the function.

Before guest proceed to perform the Isya' prayer and the Tarawih, Raya gifts were given away by President of Al Ansar Group to deserving receivers which includes the old folks and orphans while Ma'ahad Tahfiz were presented with premixed drink packages sponsored by Al Ansar. 

 Thanks denaihati network for extending the visit to us and Al Ansar group for the sumptuous Iftar especially grilled lamb. I wish to convey my thanks to Rosz Enterprise for the nice bahulu and other sponsors for goodies that we receive. 

Oh, thanks to Al Ansar Group too for the lucky gift of one portion of Qurban meat and with full sincerety I sadaqah the gift to the needy as planned by E-Qurban. 


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