Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pecel Lele For Dinner In Palembang

During the SEA Games 2011 in Palembang, I had the opportunity to savour another popular and cheap Indonesian cuisine known as Pecel Lele. We were taken by the Games ICT volunteers to a place but I couldn’t locate it. I check my Foursquare check-ins while in Palembang but it was not registered in my history. I think I can’t check in that night. Well, maybe its along Jalan Kolonel Hj Burhan. Anyway there are many pecel lele stalls in Palembang. The one we went has the banner Seafood Ayo Mampir Pecel Lele.

pecel lele (4)

Pecel lele is a popular dish in Indonesia especially in Jakarta as it is an affordable food and as it seems is well balanced. There is carbohydrate, protein, vegetable and you gulp down a glass of warm or cold water.

The main ingredient of pecel lele is the ikan lele (its catfish or ikan keli in Malaysia) and the name of the dish arise from this. Ikan lele is deep fried and taken with rice. Side dish that came along the rice and ikan lele is the lalapan consisting of vegetables including sliced cucumber, kemangi leaves, long beans, tomatoes and cabbage. It might not include all the veges but most of it. then there is also a piece of fried soya bean curd. To add taste these is also the hot chili sambal and mashed tomato. To experience the best out of pecel lele, you must take it when the rice is still smokey warm.

Being a popular dish it is an alternative to chicken based food especially fried chicken.

pecel lele (1)pecel lele (2)pecel lele (3)pecel lele (4)pecel lele

Our group- with the ICT volunteers who supported us at the Baseball and Softball Venue in Jakabaring Sports Complex.

I surfed the internet and if you would like to try preparing pecel lele for your family or guests click HERE.

Video YouTube about Pecel Lele.

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