Friday, 1 June 2012

Malaysian International Tourism Exchange 2012

Today I went to this event held at Malaysian AgroExposition Park Serdang (MAEPS). The event starts on 31 May 2012 and will end 3rd June 2012. This is an international tourism event organised by Torism Malaysia.

The whole event was held at the exhibition hall A (Local and and International Companies) Hall C  ( SMEs and Ecolifestyles) B. Hall D (Ground Floor) is the Food Court. The exhibition venue and quite represented by tourism stake holders. There are the official government tourism agencies: national and state, tour agents, tour related agencies and foreign National Tourism Organisations. 
DSCF1403I am not sure whether this is a working day (Friday) that the turnout was quite a dismal. I was surprise that there is not many visitors as shown by the number of cars at the carpark. Maybe there will be more visitors on Saturday and Sunday.

I think the organiser made a bad choice of venue which is quite far from the city and way out of the  the public transport route. It would be better if it is organised at KLCC or PWTC when at the same time there is also another International tourism event going on, the World Islamic Tourism Mart.
The exhibition is well represented by the 14 states in Malaysia besides tour agents with their competitive tour packages. Besides the states Tourism Council, I was surprise too by the absence of our national carrier, MAS. Firefly and Airasia made their appearance.

I went in the afternoon and sad to see that many booth are empty especially those represented by foreign NTOs. Among the foreign NTOs who came to “sell” tourism includes Taiwan, Cambodia, Mozambique, Kenya, Thailand, Cuba, Kerala and Madya Pradesh,India, Maldives and China Muslim Tourism Promotional Event.
According to the exhibition show map there are a few more other countries represented but during my visit I did not see them around. Malaysia by the way are represented by Ministry of tourism, State Pavilion, Hotels, resorts, tour & travels and other tour related services. There is also the Health Tourism sector, Education Tourism, M.I.C.E. Recreational and Adventure tourism but sports tourism is only represented by Golf and extreme sports.

At one end of the hall there is also The Malaysian Contemporary Art Exhibition
At the end of the day, this much brochure, leaflets and pamphlets I took home. I hope I will have time to read, digest and write posts on my Armchair Travelogue blog.

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