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I Wuz @ Frasers Hills Too

Malaysia has a few hill resorts for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. These resorts in West Malaysia are mostly distributed along the backbone of Banjaran Titiwangsa that run North - South and can be accessed easily. Before you proceed to read this posting, maybe you want to printout Frasers Hills map

The latest hill resort that I visited is the Frasers Hills but however it is not the first time I have been there. If I am not mistaken the last time I visited Frasers Hill was in 2006 and stayed at the Sultan Sulaiman bungalow belinging to the Selangor state government. This time I stayed on the Pahang side. However there is nothing different between them.

Frasers Hill is located at a height of  between 1,220 and 1,525 metre above sea level still maintain its cool climate because development is not that fast as other hill resorts in the country. The resorts temperature are between 17°C~25°C / 63°F~77°F year round. 

Frasers Hill is about 104 km (64.6 miles) away from Kuala Lumpur. The foot of the hill is called The Gap at 800 metre above sea level and you can still see colonial resthouse just across the road before the climb starts. The drive up is along a winding single lane road for 8 km. Previously the road is used for both direction of traffic whereby odd hours for uphill traffic while even hour for downhill. Now the division has been scrapped because another road has been opened for the downhill traffic. However if you feel you want to enjoy the view and quite fit, you can walk up the hill from The Gap. 


 The hill derived its name from a Scottish pioneer, Louis James Fraser, who set up a tin-ore trading in 1890. He found tin deposits at the top and used mules to transport the ore down to The Gap and then to Raub. He also operated a gambling and opium den for the workers which enable him to gain a second profit from the workers. 

However Fraser vanished without trace some 25 years later and was not found till today. In 1919 the access road was built after C.J. Ferguson-Davie, Bishop of Singapore went up looking for Frasers and found out that the place is perfecr for a hill station. The name was then given in honour of Frasers and opened to visitors in 1922. It has a coverage of 140 hectres of and and over 50km of jungle paths. There are also nine bungalows built for use by government officials. Besides there are also 4 houses built for servicemen and women, 3 private homes and a country club. There is also a golf Course, a post office and water supply. 

History mentioned that on 6th October 1951, during the Malayan Emergency, British official Sir Henry Gurney was ambushed and killed near Fraser's Hill in a random assassination by Communist guerillas.
Reference; Wikipedia


Frasers Hill is suitable for adventure getaways especially jungle related activities. There are Jungle Track scattered around the hills for those who love hiking in the jungle and the trail are usually marked at the entrance. It adivsable to get an experience guide for your safety. There is also an accessible waterfall. Trails range from the Hemmant Trail, a short walk, to the Pine Tree Trail, a full day's trek. For list of trails please CLICK HERE
Entrance to one of the many trails on Frasers Hills
Bird Watching 

It is one of the hill's most popular activities for tourist and visitors. It has been recorded that there is over 250 species of birds including hornbills, rare doves, colourful pheasant, sleek eagles and endemic species. There has been discovered that migratory bird from Russia and China visits Frasers Hill and sojourn for a few months before flying South to Australia and New Zealand.

Perbadanan Bukit Frasers also organised the Frasers Hill International Bird Race in 2011

Read also a report from birdtours uk.


The golf sports complex is one of the oldest golf course in the country and located at the centre of the hill. The course is a 9-hole course but offers challenging sections at several sections. The reception counter is just next the to hill icon, the Clock tower. 
Photo by this blogger

Woodball - if you feel not fit to tee off at the Golf course, you can always try the milder version of the game of woodball. 
Photo taken from HERE


Gap Resthouse

Jeriau Waterfall

Allan's Water

Photo by this blogger
Paddock - Archery and horse Riding 

Public Park 

Refer for details 


There is an eating spot next to the town mosque. For a more fancy dining venue and authentic English cuisine, visitors can try  Scott's Pub and restaurant next to Puncak Inn.   
Both photos above by this blogger


There are comfortable place of accommodations scattered on the hills for visitors to choose according to their budgets and taste. 

During my last visit I stayed at a 3 room apartment Fraser's Pine Resort and all the apartment can accommodate 6 pax. The view is fascinating when the clouds move across and the surrounding becomes chill. Every apartment has a large balcony and there is also a pantry. However if you do not have your own transport it is a bit difficult to move out of the resort especially to find food at night. 

Pix above is the view of other apartments from the balcony of the unit I stayed
Clouds moving in during the evenings

The resort is a nice location for team building programs or family day activities due to its large apartment units and can accommodate a big family in each unit. However if one is unfit, request for a lower tier unit because there is no lift to go up to the fourth tier or to move down.  

Watch also wen88888's Youtube posting HERE.

Other choice of accomodations
If you want a review of the bungalows watch Youtube Bungalow Hopping on Frasers Hill by wen88888



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