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Paranormal Adventure at Kellie's Castle

Kellie's Castle has three aspects to be taken into consideration. Its historical value, architectural values and its mysteries. The Castle that stood till today after construction started in 1909 by William Kellie Smith is has not been completed when he passed away while in Lisbon due to pneumonia. You can read more about the history of Kellie's Castle HERE

Visitors can tour the castle during the day from 9.30am to 6.00 pm when it is closed to the public. However the management of Kellie's Castle presented for those who seeks paranormal challenges with a new tour package, the Night Tour. This is not the like of Night at the Museum movie that is hilarious but this is a challenge to gap between our normal daily life with the paranormals or unseen beings. The Paranormal Night Tour was officially launched on 28th February 

Paranormal Night Tour - Unocking factual mysteries, is a scheduled tour available on Friday and Saturday Nights on every first and fourth weeks every month. Groups who would like to take the challenge has to make a booking with the management prior to the tour. It is managed by Le Shuttle Event (M) Sdn. Bhd.

I had the opportunity to preview the Paranormal Night Tour with a group of Media representatives from Kuala Lumpur to help promote domestic tourism for Perak chapter and upon arriving, we were briefed by En Zamri Hj. Muhyi of Le Shuttle event (M) Sdn. Bhd. about the tour package. In describing the tour, he stressed that the intention of the tour is to offer first hand real life experience of encountering with entities if they are fortunate enough to meet them in the darkness and solitary confinement within Kellie's Castle. Many had claimed that there are entities roaming in the castle during the night or the late evenings before the day tour closes its gate. 

En. Zamri also mentioned that the idea of organising the Paranormal Night Tour came into existence after a local Television Station Media Prima (TV3) did a paranormal research at the Castle. 

After the briefing sessions, we are allocated into groups for the night tour within and inside Kellie's castle. There are two groups of ten members for the first walkabout led by staffs of Le Shuttle Event. The first two group were just to walk and through and get a brief explanation of the Caste's history.
Another 16 members of our group who opted to take the challenge attempting to come into close proximity with the entities by sitting and wait at designated locations for ten minutes, where entities had been found; the wine cellar, Helen's (Kellie's Daughter) room, 2nd Floor corridor and the linen room (where Gopal, the laundry man was sighted). 
Anything looks spooky or ghoulish behind me? 
However among the 16 only two person claimed that they felt the presence of the entity near them. They were both together at the same location. 
It was a night of spooky experience for all of us. Even though I had visited Kellie's Castle twice before this trip but it was during the day a few years back. 
After returning from the walkabout in the Castle everyone was presented with certificate as a momento. So, does this means I am qualified to join any paranormal seekers? LOL

Each tour can accommodate 40 people beginning at 9pm. Participants need to make prior booking with the management. The length of the tour is 30-45 minutes for a fee of RM80 per person and open to locals and foreigners o 17 years and above. The fee covers
  • Guided Night Tour into Kellie's Castle
  • Paranormal video screening o Kellie's castle
  • Drinks and Snacks
  • T Shirt
  • Participation Certificate
  • Insurance  
While every safety precautions are looked into person with these complications is not allowed
  • Kids below 17 years of age
  • Heart problem and Hypertension
  • Pregnant menstruating females
The tour programme is being managed by skilled professionals and the operator stationed a "ustaz" to provide spiritual assistance should anything spooky happens. 

Future of the tour, according to En Zamri is to organise an overnight stay inside Kellie's Castle and it will be a true test of courage only for the brave. 
For further details of the tour the operator can be contacted at:
Tel   : +605- 365 3381
Fax :  +605- 365 3420
Office hours : 9.00am - 6.00pm
Email :

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