Monday, 26 March 2018


Recently I started vlogging to move forward from normal blogging because normal blogging is getting saturated. Thousands of blogs on the internet related to travel and tourism and not many people are fond of reading long stories since we bloggers likes give as much information to would be travellers. 

We are well aware that a picture tell a thousand words and stories. A picture is just two dimension or errrr, maybe just one dimension. Ermmmmmm.........

The trend nowadays is moving forward with using of videos to express ourselves. Even Facebook advertisements are moving towards using video clips to market since its more lively and sometimes full of actions compared with lines after lines of words or pictures. Visual impression contribute more mileage. 

A video can show and convey more information and watching them is not as stressful as reading. Our mind needs some relaxation and the presence of the right music within the video helps ourselves to relax or erm psyche up. 

Thats the reason I start to vlog and create a Channel on You Tube. Go to Atok Vlog and Subscribe, Like the videos and Share them. Thank you 

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