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Pineapple Trail - Nictar Eco Farm - Where Everything Is Recycled

After our visit to Stesen Nanas Alor Bukit, we stopover at another pineapple plantation managed by a private company, Nictar Eco Farm. It is located at Parit Sikom in the Pontian in Pontian Kechil. Nistar Eco Farm is operated by JL Natural Resources Sdn. Bhd. and I'd like to share this information copied from the company's Facebook page:

Nictar Eco Farm is a theme farm, with objective to educate the public about nature, ecology and farming activities. With 11 years of beekeeping and farming experience, we able to share in depth knowledge about bees, nature and environment issues.
We aimed to create traffic congestion in Pontian area.
We provide opportunities for visitors to experience nature environment that are very precious to human being today. Our core business is beekeeping, but we had go beyond that by organizing tour which we provide facilities and instructors for visitors to experience more.
General information

List of activities:
a. visit pineapple estate (1300 acres) to learn about pineapple
b. visit bee farm to experience beekeeping and learn about insect life.
c. visit mini horse farm for fun riding, ostrich and goat farming
d. visit mangrove tree forest to learn about natural habitat
e. visit coffee bean processing factory
f. overnight at keelong for offshore life
g. climbing Gunung Pulai etc

Again our arrival was served with pineapple juice before a short briefing by the manager and owner of the farm, Mr Haleem about how he operates the farm with eco friendly activities. There is a row of Italian bee in a top bar hive and he gave a few of us the experience of touching a bee on their comb without getting stung.

Mr Haleem explained to us that his farm is eco friendly since he do not use any chemical but natural farming procedures. He rear chickens on the farm to help picking up grass keeping the area around the pineapple tree grass free. These chicken are fed with pineapple waste and chicken manure is used as it  adds organic matter and increases the water holding capacity. In short Nictar Eco Farm concept is what comes from the farm goes back to the farm.

 Photo above from Nictar Eco Farm Facebook page

During our tour on the plantation, some of us had the opportunity to taste fresh pineapple plucked and peeled on the spot. Well, of course the taste is better since its fresh. 

Nictar Eco Farm also has their own array of honey products such as the Bgreen Durian Raw Honey, Bgreen Pineapple Raw Honey and Bgreen Melaleuca Honey. Besides honey they also produce Bgreen Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly. Bgreen Brazilian Green Propilis is also available.

A visit to Nictar Eco Farm opens up more knowledge to me when there are also foodstuff called Honey Apple Cider vinegar when all this while I just thought household vinegar are just plain vinegar.

Before our departure we were given a gift of pineapple chili sauce
Nictar Eco Farm accept tour groups or individual visitors.

Nictar Eco Farm is managed by
JL Natural Resources Sdn Bhd.
Outlet : 175,Jalan Rawa, Taman Perling, 81300 Johor Bahru
Farm  :  PTD 2103, Parit Sikom, 82010, Pontian, johor
Enquiry :
Website :
Hotline : +6012 700 2235

I think schools can organise trips to visit Nictar Eco Farm so that they can learn hands on experience of pineapple farming and also how to be bee friendly.
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