Sunday, 29 January 2017


Its just a cooling sweet refreshement dessert especially savored when the weather is hot. Ais Kacang or popularly known as ABC in Kuala Lumpur is scraped or shaved ice coated with colourful liquid sugar and condensed milk. Some seller will add coconut milk  and / or sweetcorn to create a difference. 

Ais Kacang was originally hawker food but made its way into restaurants and even hotels.

This is the normal Ais Kacang at Taman Merdeka Food Court next to Darulaman Stadium, Alor Setar.

This is another Ais Kachang that I tried at Harmoni Food Court in Jitra, about 20 km away from Alor Setar City. The price for a bowl of this Ais Kacang Special is RM 5.00. Towering 10 inches high it is topped with a scoop of ice cream and sprinkled with cake toppings.  

Photos I posted here is not as attractive and mouth watering because its prepared to order and not a food tasting session. So, what I posted is the actual dessert that I tried. Maybe there are other places that has a better in their presentation.

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