Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Its Padang Besar by Train

The last time I was in Padang Besar was in February 2011. That was the record in my Foursquare check in history.

Then I was still staying in Kuala Lumpur. However this time I am back in Kedah. 

The introduction of the KTM Komuter between Butterworth and Padang Besar provide ease of travel between both locations and communities around stations the the train made a stop. 

My journey starts at Anak Bukit Station. I took the ETS train towards Padang Besar since I am qualified for the Senior Citizen concession of 50% and my wife the 40% travelling on my retired civil servant card. However I was a bit puzzled why my fare was RM11 (should be RM8.00) since the fare rate is RM16.00. 

We reached Padang Besar train station at 3.20 PM. Our destination was Aked Niaga Padang Besar. 

Padang Besar's Aked Niaga  is not far from the train station and visitors can either take a taxi or pillion ride on motorcycle. I am not sure of the actual fare but one guy solicit for passengers in the train station and set the price as RM10.00. I am sure many first time visitor will take the taxi but since I know where the Aked niaga is, I decided to just walk.

Its about a kilometre away from the railway station. After walking up to the first floor and towards the only exit after the canteen, take a right turn that leads to Malaysia side Padang Besar and left if you want to enter Thailands side of Padang Besar. 

There's a elevated walkway towards the Immigration border check compound for vehicles leaving and entering Thailand. 

As you walk down the stairs there will be taxi drivers and motorcycle riders soliciting for passengers. I am not sure whether these taxis and motorcycle riders are legal. There are signage reminding visitors not to take the illegal transport. 

From that point you can just walk to the Aked Niaga. 

Majority visitors go to Padang Besar for shopping trips while some cross the border wither to the Thai side of Padang Besar or connecting journey into Thiland. Padang Besar, except the Aked Niaga areas, can be considered sleepy especially in the evenings.  

When Keretapi Tanah Melayu introduce the ETS and especially the commuter service, Padang Besar is more accessible from Butterworth and its just about 1hr 30 minutes between both stations. Trains depart hourly. Check the Schedule below.  
 ETS schedule for the north Sector
 Komuter schedule between Butterworth and Padang Besar
 Fare tariff between Butterworth and Padang Besar

Check out Keretapi Tanah Melayu's website for more infos.

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