Sunday, 18 October 2015

Roti Canai @ Jitra

Roti Canai that has been one of the most popular breakfast choice has now turn out to be among Malaysia fast food cuisine that can be found almost 24 hours especially in mamak stalls and restaurants.  It is not served at breakfast nowadays.

A year after I moved back to Jitra, roti canai has been my first choice breakfast menu at stalls almost daily. This posting is about the whereabout one can find roti canai in Jitra town, Kedah. It is based on my frequent visit. If any of my blog visitor who has suggestions of other good roti canai outlet, can share them.

1. Roti Canai Pak Hassan

    The stall is located at the Batu 13 Food Court, along Jalan Kepala Batas (Google Earth) Opens
    daily in the morning almost everyday except Fridays. Grvy is dhal.

2. Roti Canai Mutalib

    Located at Medan Selera MDKP next to the Kubang Pasu Police Headquarters. Opens only in
    the morning for breakfast. Mutalib Roti Canai is also famous for its Roti Canai Gear Box. (Read
    HERE). Roti canai here is quite crispy and the gravy tastes very spicy and cooked in a large steel
    wok (Gulai kawah).

3. Pak Lang Roti Canai

    Located at Bandar Baru Darulaman along the fence of Taman Siswa. I have been to this stalls
    quite frequently and most of the time the crowd is there. A piece of Roti Canai and a glass of Teh
    Tarik is just RM2.00

NOTE: There are many more roti canai stalls around Jitra and Bandar Baru Darulaman or Bandar Darulaman Jaya but these three are ones that I frequented most.

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