Saturday, 6 December 2014

Puding Labu @Homestay Sungai Manik, Perak

If you want to try to savour Puding Labu, head over to Homestay Sungai Manik in Telok Intan, Perak. That was one of the local delicacies that we were served during the Sahabat Media CC1M visit sometimes last August. Puding Labu was one of the two traditional breakfast cuisine for Malays staying in the rural areas.

The dessert is actually custard puddings cooled in a pumpkin. The pumpkin is then sliced before being served.

If you want to try and bake one for your family, this is one of the recipe I found on the net. 

Our entourage was also served with another traditional breakfast cuisine of mashed tapioca with anchovy sambal. Tapioca has a high content of carbohydrate and provide energy for the padi farmers to work in the padi fields those days. 

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