Monday, 10 November 2014

Jikey Performance At MADA Pulu Pisang Homestay

I've heard of one of the traditional theatrical performances Jikey but last night for the first time have the opportunity to witness it live. I drive to Homestay MADA Kampung Pulau Pisang near Jitra, where there's a preview performance by AKRAB (Persatuan Pengerak Warisan Seni Budaya Negeri Kedah). The preview was done for Petronas who wanted to take this traditional performance to greater heights.

Jikey is a mixture of theatre, comedy and musical performance and the plot of the story revolves around local legends that formed the main repertoire and an injection of slapstick comedy making it not so monotonous to watch. Instrumental music and singing is another element of the Jikey that separates it from the modern theatre performance.

The main characters are the Comedians, King and worriors accompanied with short musical phrase.
One of the most prominent element in a jikey performance is the donning of mask by some of the actors usually the comedian who are loyal to the King and perform whatever duties ordered by the Sultan.

A Jikey performance has two parts. The first is the short Introduction and followed by the main performance.

Throughout the performance the Jikey is accompanied by traditional musical instruments.

Dialogues are improvised to suit the storyline.

The storyline is very simple and with the ingredients of music and comedy can be a good entertainment product that has a Malay Trade Mark. Jikey was widely presented in Langkawi but the emergence of modern entertainment seems to move it aside.

The performance was directed by Saipol Bahari Mohd Iman.
This blogger with Saipol Bahari

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