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Driving Your Own Car Into South Thailand

This posting is not from my own experience but what I found while visiting another blog.

Some like to travel as backpackers but if you have a few family members or friends traveling together taking your own car into Thailand can be a good experience. If you can't fine a hotel, sleep in your car, hahaha.

I found this post worth sharing especially for those living near the Malaysia-Thai Border and want to travel into the Southern territory of Thailand. However the same procedure applies if you want to take your car further up into Thailand.


1. Original Car Licence (Grant). Photostat copies maybe be acceptable if it had been certified and endorsed by JPJ (RTD) or any Police Station.

2.  If you are travelling in a borrowed/friends car not among the group, you must get his/her consent through a release letter (Surat Kebenaran Pemilik).

A sample of the approval letter from owner is as below. I translate from the original post.

Owners Name
Owner's Address
MyCard Number
Phone (Mobile/Land Line)
Driver/ Person Entittled to drive the car
Driver's Address
MyCard Number
Phone (Mobile/Land Line)

Car Particulars
a. Car Make
b. Colour
c. Registration Number


I  (owners name and MyKard)  the owner of car, registration number (Car Registration Number) consent  (Drivers name and MyCard)    to use and drive this car into Thailand.

Owners Signature                                            Drivers Signature

...............................                                          ..................................... 
Name                                                                Name
MyCard                                                             MyCard
Contact                                                             Contact

It is dvisable the letter is written in English to ease all communication. However it can als be written in Bahasa Melayu but some Custome Officers in Thailand will ask many questions. The letter of consent must be in its original state and a photostated copy need to have the endorsement and verification by any Police Station.

3. You need to buy Thailand Insurance @ RM18 per week.

There are insurance agents in Changloon town and Padang Besar town before the border. Some of the agents are Tour Agents and Insurance, Kurnia Insurance, Free Trade Mall.

4. After getting your passport or border pass stamped, proceed to the Thailand Custom office and surrender your:
      Car Licence (Grant) original or duplicate copy.
      Passport or Border Pass
      Car Owners Letter of Consent (if applicable)

You will then be directed to meet any Senior Custom Officer for his signature. Some interesting fact to help you understand : The office who took you to see this Senior Officer will be at your side and you should understand why (wink, wink).

If you need further information and details you can email to

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