Thursday, 3 July 2014

See Pekan On A Bike

It was not listed in our iteneray but cropped up as an additional side tour to promote biking tour in Pekan. When the organiser asked who want to be models for the cycling tour shoot, I volunteered and was given a full attire and a mountain bike. The photoshoot was to promote cycling activity at AnCasa Royale Pekan and also Pekan. 

AnCasa Royale Pekan has bikes for rental @ RM10.00 each. Enquire at the poolside office.
It was an experience to cycle away from home and later on appeared on Santai Travel Magazine. Hoping larrrr........... The first photoshoot was done at the AnCasa Royale Pekan Esplanade along the Sungai Pahang. 

The next day only three of us left for the second photoshoot in front of the Istana Abu Bakar. We did not follow the bus for the Royal Darul Makmur Golf Club but cycle our way there. We did a session of photoshoots before moving to Royal Pahang Polo Club.

 We did a brief stop at the Polo Club for a few shots and had the opportunity to see this locomotive that was used to transport iron ore in Sungai Lembing. Sungai Lembing has one of the deepest mining tunnel in the world.
Once in a while being part of the centre of attraction......................... Photo Credit 

After arriving the Darul Makmur Golf Club and made a brief tour of the golf course we decided that we want to cycle back to the hotel instead of taking a lift and we did. After all it was just a short distance of about 5km. It was an opportunity to travel and see Pekan on a different perspective even though just a small part of it.  
It feelsso nice to peddle on the Sultan Abu Bakar bridge. Even with the hot sun above our head, the breeze sweeping the body in the heas feels so refreshing.

That was another dimension of traveling that I had experienced unexpectedly. While cycling is a bit tiring, but you have more freedom to explore. The air in Pekan to me is still quite healthy since development had not eaten up the trees, flora and fauna. It is quite safe too since traffic is not so heavy compared to larger towns. However my suggestions if AnCasa Royale Pekan or any Cycling Club in Pekan were to organise bike tours in Pekan, participants should not be left by themselves. Safety measures should be taken into consideration by having it organised and have marshals to look after their safety.

Touring on a bicycle is not only cheap but at the same time you can explore more while keeping yourself fit.

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