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AnCasa Royale Pekan

AnCasa Royale Pekan sitting strategically overlooking Sungai Pahang and at one end of Jambatan Sultan Abu Bakar looks as if waving and welcoming anyone who is going to cross the bridge to Pekan, the Royal Town of Pahang Darul Makmur. The Jambatan Sultan Abu Bakar too acts as a gateway into the town for those arriving from Kuantan. 

Being the first and only star rated hotel in Pekan, AnCasa Royale Pekan will not be missed as it is going to be a new landmark and very visible before crossing Sungai Pahang. It is strategically located in the centre of everywhere. The outomotive industry areas is located within reach while Pekan town on the other side of Sungai Pahang is just barely 10 minutes away. 

Map showing location of AnCasa Royale, Pekan, Pahang Malaysia

When I was with the Sahabat Media CC1M entourage to visit Royal town of Pekan recently, we had the opportunity to stay at the AnCasa Royale Pekan that was opened in May 2014.

AnCasa Royale Pekan has 22 units of Deluxe Premier Single rooms, 103 Deluxe Premier Twin besides 2 units of Junior suite, 4 Executive Suites and a Presidential and Royale Suite each.

We wre provided with the Deluxe Premier Twin and the room is very spacious and amenities provided in each room looks prestiguous. The best thing for guest who needs internet access, speed is excellent in all vacinity of the hotel building.

I had been staying in many hotels in the country during my working days but Ancasa Royale Pekan has something different to offer. The wardrobe can be accesses from the bedroom and also from the bathroom. Therefore the spacious bathroom with bathtub and seperate covered shower also function as the dressing room. Just slide the door and have access to any of your clothes or dress in the wardrobe. However if you share with friends make sure you re not naked in bathroom since the sliding door is not locked. Who know your friend incidentally opens wardrobe door when the sliding door from the shower is also opened.
From the shower you can access your clothes in the wardrobe. See the beds in the background?

There's also a weighing scale but at the time it was not working, maybe due to worn out batteries. 
Keeping yourself fit is not a problem since AnCasa Royale Pekan has their Sports Department who operate the mini gymasium equipped with cardio machines, weights and multistations. Either you can swim in the large swimming pool with infinity end facing the Sungai Pahang. There is also the kiddie pool next to the main pool. 
You can also keep an eye on your kids who want to build sandcastle at the kids playground. Its hard to find hotels providing sand playground unless it is situated at the beach. AnCasa Royale Pekan provides the opportunity for kids (maybe adults to, LOL) to play with sand. 
Walk, Jog or cycle along the Esplande at the bank of Sungai Pahang and best time to do so in in the early morning when the surface of Sungai Pahang is covered with mist, a beautiful sight not t be missed. 
For guest recreational activities AnCasa Royale Pekan provide bicycle for rental and enquire at the pool counter. 

After a hectic and tiring day, visit the Spa and have your body pampered and refreshed. 

Saffron Brasserie offer guest scrumptuous food and of course don't miss your Patin Masak Tempoyak or the Puding Raja. It is open until 10.00 pm after which its only through room service. 
I really enjoy the food while staying besides learning about some local cuisine from the friendly Chefs, that might be a signature of Pekan dish esp the Rendang Opor, the difference of Kueh Akok of Pekan from the same cake in Kelantan. . 
Resort Address
Ancasa Royale Pekan, Pahang
No 2670, Kampung Peramu,
Jalan Pekan - Kuantan,
26600, Pekan,
Pahang Darul Makmur.
Guest Fax
+609 - 4246 700
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