Friday, 6 June 2014

Makan Berselo @ Muzium Diraja Istana Lama Seri Menanti

Enjoying meals while sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounding dishes also laid out on the floor, is a dying culture to most civilisation today with the widely use of table and chairs to dine. Its very difficult to find eating outlets that provide specific space to sit on the floor to enjoy their meals. However I had this opportunity to experience the nostalgic moment of eating while sitting on the floor when our Sahabat Media CC1M made a stop at Seri Menanti in Negeri Sembilan.

The "Makan Berselo" had been inserted as one of the activity o our itenary. It was dinner at the ground floor on Muzium Diraja Istana Seri Menanti.    
 The dish prepared by Seri Menanti Resort are traditional Malay food and its a balanced diet. These traditional dishes really increases appetite. One of the rare dish offered to us is the sayur daun kayu. I have not seen this dish anywhere before.
Since it is hard to find eating place where you can sit on the floor to enjoy your meals, Tourism Negeri Sembilan took the initiative to offer tourist a "Makan Berselo" package so that they can experience the traditional culture of the people of Negeri Sembilan specifically and Malays generally. 

While what was served to us are not the compulsory item on the menu, Negeri Sembilan also offer their traditional menu of tempoyak based dishes. Among those are masak lomak lado api, daging salai pucuk ubi and ikan sembilang goreng berlado. 

So, when in Negeri Sembilan why not try out how enjoying your meals sitting on the floor feels like. An added value to Makan Berselo is to eat with your hands. Of course wash it clean first, LOL. While the tradition is not so common, tourist who want to enjoy the "Makan Berselo" in Negeri Sembilan can contact Tourism Negeri Sembilan. 

If you are on a food trail and wish to enjoy the varieites of Negeri Sembilan dishes can contact Mr Azizi Hj. Mohd Gorip 013-3293871 or Mrs Mawar Malinda Hj. Zakaria 012-251 3642

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