Wednesday, 5 March 2014

#VMY2014 - Terengganu International Squid Jigging Fest 2014

Do you wish to savour the taste of fresh squid direct from the sea? Not everyone has the opportunity because what we bought from the wet markets or next door supermarket had been scooped out from the sea for sometime back. Its already being frozen to a certain level or degree.

Savouring fresh jigged squid is not the only satisfaction that you will get but also the feel of the rocking boat on the sea as an added adventure. Apart being that the squid that you just ate was from your own effort.

Then come to Terengganu during the International Squid Jigging Fest 2014 to be held from 11th -13th April 2014. 

The carnival, sponsored by the Terengganu State Government through Tourism Terengganu is an Annual squid jigging carnival or Mencandat Sotong in Bahasa Malaysia, to relive the old tradition that has been the livelihoods of those living along the coast of Terengganu on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The squid jigging activity season is in April and August every year.

Squid jigging has been growing into a popular recretional activity not only from those in Terengganu but from elsewhere in the country.

The location for the event will be at Pulau Chepu, Setiu & Pulau Kapas, Marang Terengganu

Watch the You tube below for an idea if what Squid Jigging is all about.

If you plan to visit Terengganu during tohse dates, take the opportunity to get yourself seasick on the rocking boat but rewarded with fresh live squid jigged from your own hands. 

Official Tourism Terengganu calender 2014

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