Saturday, 7 December 2013

2nd Travel Bloggers Meetup @ Jaya One

After registering and received confirmation from the organiser Sedunia Travel and without counter checking the venue, today I drive confidently to Section 14 PJ. What was in my mid was the place that I have been a few years back to attend the K-Bloggers function.

Upon approaching suddeny I saw the complex as Jaya 33. Oh, no, I had travel to a wrong place. This was when my mobile gadget comes in handy. Checked on my mobile phone but was unseccesful because the speed is very slow (thats Malaysian internet speed standard). Changed to my iPad and my first try on Waze tells me to go to Jaya 1, somewhere on Java Island. Tried for a second time with the acronym PJ added and it shows Jaya 1 is about 1.6 km away. Luckily the location is not far apart and going there is not as complicated. Viola!! found the location.

Settled Part 1. Now that I had arrived Jaya 1 on Jalan Universiti, I encountered the second problem. Where is the Centre for Asian Photorgaphers, The School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

I could see that Jaya One is not fully completed and renovation and finishing up touches are on the way.  The best place to find the way is through the Building Directory and Floor Plan. Saw it at the AA One Tower. However its just a basic directory and not the Floor Directory. I was already late due arriving at the wrong venue and now have to do another search for the Meetup.

There's a photography shop nearby at one of the block, so I am confident the man standing at the entrance might know where the Centre for Asian Photographer is. To my astonishment, he too was not aware of the centre but did help me to find out He took me back to the directory board. Failed. So, i told him never mind, I go to the Jaya One Management Office and ask. However I was told by the security that the office  is closed on Saturday and Sunday. the best answer he gave me, "You come back on Monday."

Then only I had to go back to the internet and found the Centre website. But still the man that I enquire still did not know where it is but show me where Block J is.

Phew, at last I found and I think I was about an hour late. The only "education" that I manage to grab was how to carry your camera and electronic items safely from one place to another place thas has a different climate (am I right?) Then the advice of safeguarding your expensive items and luggage because compensation settlement for lost item might be "hard".

There is also some advice for travel bloggers  when it comes to capturing photos for your blog. The speaker (sorry I can't catch his name since I was late) gave tips to attendees.

When going for photoshoot, bear in mind that there are four type of photos to be captured. The first is one than can tell a story. Take a photo to establish the place showing where you are. Take a general photo to show the location and its surrounding to give a whole picture of the place. for example if you go to an event at a location. Take a photo of the building to establish it for your audience.

Next is a breakdown of the location getting finer details. For example the room where the event takes place.

Third sets of photos show interesting items within the venue such as layout or setup of the place, decorations and etc.

Lasty are sets of photos of the event itself.

During the get together sessions where light refreshment were served I manage to get to meet some of the bloggers, a mixture of more new faces and a few that I had seen or met somewhere before.

When memories is to be kept a group photo will be the best.
Photo credit as watermarked
These are the attendees that I manage to meet
Helen Lim - Marketing Manger Malaysia for Tourism and Events Queensland
Cindy Eliza Vaz - Social Media Manager from Tune Hotel
Hisyamudin Fadzil - Maketing & Public relation Manager from
Dan Arif - Travel blogger 
Makiko S - Travel Writer, Blogger, Vlogger
Farid Laham - Adertorial, Web design, Online Coaching

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