Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ayam kampung @ Seri Petaling

Halal food is compulsory for Muslims especially food from livestocks that has to be slaughter in the name of Allah.

These days chicken is the most sought after fresh food apart from red meat and seafood. There has been issues of chicken being "adulterated" and tainted with chemicals that is being the reason why many had been having problems with modern diseases and especially cancer.

When we suspect that farm-bred chicken is the culprit, many attempt to replace it with 'ayam kampung'. This give rise to the emergence of Ayam Kampung Restaurants. Ayam Kampung is not easily found and the price is a bit high compared to farm-bred chicken.

In Seri Petaling there is a chicken seller peddling live ayam kampung and you can handpick your own chicken and it will be slaughtered and skinned on the spot. Therefore, freshness of the chicken is guaranteed.
You can find this in front of Mesjid Jamek Seri Petaling and SK Seri Petaling on Jalan Raden Anum. 
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