Thursday, 11 October 2012

On Suria KLCC Roof Top

It might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to visit locations restricted to the public in most buildings anywhere. Only selected few who are lucky enough had that chance. 

When I was in Tawau, I had the opportunity to visit an aircraft hangar and had board a cargo plane belonging to the air force. That was because I was accompanied the a high ranking officer of the air force. 

At the navy base in Lumut, I had the opportunity to visit naval ship too and of course with an officer to take me around. 

I just hope that one day I can step into a tank and feel what the soldiers feels when they are inside. However not during any operation. My experience being ambushed by the Para soldiers in Kem Terendak and under fire from M16 was more than enough for me to remember that as a once in a lifetime experience. Deep in my heart, thanks god I am not a soldier. 

On 10 October 2012, I had this opportunity to step onto the rooftop of Suria KLCC Shopping Complex during the Official Launching of PETRONAS' 1st Solar Photovoltiac Installation. The event was officiated by Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Dato' Sri Peter Chin Kah Fui. It was held at Sky Lobby of Tower 3 KLCC adjoining the Suria KLCC Shopping Mall. 

And now that the whole rooftop of Suria KLCC is filled with Photovoltiac solar panels, the area will be highly restricted to the public. I was lucky to accept the offer from broframestone, who was assigned by blog advertising company, advertlets to recruit bloggers for the event. 

Read about the event HERE. 
Top- Photo credit : PETRONAS
Panoramic view of KLCC Park from Suria KLCC roof top

Reflection of Petronas twin tower on the solar panels

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