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LEGOLAND Media Family Day -The Visit Part I


Even though I not a staff or have any relation to the company, I felt proud that I am one of those who saw the growing process of LEGOLAND Malaysia at Nusajaya, Johor. It is Malaysia's first International Theme Park and would be another tourist attraction to this southern part of Malaysia. 

I was first invited for a site visit to the theme park in April and together another two bloggers Hogan Jr from Malaysia Asia and Wilson Ng from Places and Food accompanied by Hans from Millenium Associates. Four of flew to Senai and was driven to the site ant met The General Manager, Mr Siegfrien Boerst, the man given the responsibility to see that the first LEGOLAND theme park in Asia come into being.
Picture above was our first site visit at LEGOLAND in April 2012. This is from the viewing site located on a slope overlooking the park. We were briefed by Mr Boerst himself during the visit. that thing seen jutting above my head is the highest point in Legoland, Nusajaya. I was hoping to ride it when it is ready. Its a viewing tower but unfortunately during the media visit, I missed the opportunity to ride because of time constraint, ride schedule too far apart, exclusive to media only
A crude video of the site during the visit in April.

The second visit for LEGOLAND Malaysia to announce the official opening date to the public that is on 16th September 2012. It was actually a carry forward date because their initial opening date was scheduled for Mid October 2012. 

The second visit was filled with experience because we left Airasia wondering where are their 11 passengers who are supposed to fly with them back to LCCT, KL. Our group departed from LCCT with the morning flight which was delayed due to Sultan Ismail Airport in Senai was closed due to bad  weather. 

Our group arrived late at the LEGOLAND Administration Office on site, when other media members from Johor and Singapore was already present, and to my surprised, The General Manager did wait for our arrival. I felt very honored by the humble attitude of Mr Siegfried Boerst. 
Photo above: With Mr Siegfried Boerst at the Media Center on the Media Family Day

Of course due to the late flight from Senai to LCCT, most of us opted to travel back to Kuala Lumpur. An express from Causeway Link chartered just for 11 of us from LEGOLAND in Nusajaya to Kuala Lumpur. It was a professional way of entertaining guests on their part. Thanks to the parties involved. 

Finally 1 September 2012 was the Media Family Day organised by LEGOLAND for the Media and their family members. Media from different sectors were invited to get the feel of the park before it is open to the public. Besides media from Malaysia and Singapore, I found out that there is also a media group from Hong Kong (if I have had not heard wrongly). 

Me and my family opted to drive down  even though there were coaches to take us to LEGOLAND and I made the right decision. Or we will have to rush all over the park to get the feel most of the rides and features. I found out that the group arrived a bit late than the expected time and then have to leave for Kuala Lumpur the earliest 4.00 pm.


I left Bukit Jalil at 7.00 in the morning and reached Legoland at about 10.30 and the place is already buzzing with invited visitors. My daughter drove all the way because I had plan to take photos of the route and I followed the direction provided through the email. 


Since I travel down south my guide is for those coming from the same direction

From North-South Highway / Senai Airport (Route E2)
Toll from Sungai Besi to Senai (U) = RM 40.60

Take Tuas/Nusajaya/Pontian/Tanjung Pelepas EXIT 253
Then take EXIT 312 to Nusajaya
There's another toll plaza at Kedai Lima Toll on Malaysia-Singapore Second Link (Route E3)  RM 3.90. From then on watch for the signboard to LEGOLAND using EXIT 312

As you are reaching the park, this tower landmark below will be very visible. Just find your way towards the tower. 

EXTRA GUIDE FOR SINGAPOREANS AND COMING FROM JOHOR BAHRU (Provided by Associate Communications and Client Services, Millenium Associates)

From Johor Bahru/CIQ/ Singapore via the Coastal Highway
From Danga Bay, proceed straight via Coastal Highway and all the way to Nusajaya/ LEGOLAND Malaysia signboard can be seen before reaching Kota Iskandar. 

From Singapore Via Tuas Second Link 
Proceed until you see the Nusajaya EXIT 312 and you can see the LEGOLAND Malaysia signage. 

 GPS: 1º 26’ 14" N 103º 37’ 2" E

When we arrive at the parking lot, the atmosphere was already filed with excitement. Guests had arrived and I am sure everybody was excited. Us too la, of course. 

Visitors will have to walk quite a distance from the parking lot to the main entrance, but LEGOLAND has prepared a shaded walkway. So don't worry about getting your skin pre tanned or soaking wet if it rains, before you reach the entrance. 
Collected our tickets and the the LEGOLAND tour will begin
The main entrance below

However since I arrived and queed to claim my ticket I ended up like this one on the left. So before entering I have to release.


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