Monday, 12 November 2012

AES Reminder But No Camera Along LPT

After a few years of not driving to Kuantan, I did it again last night. Drive from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan again at midnight. Left home when it was raining cat and dogs at about 12. 15 after midnight and stop for a refuel at Dataran Pandan Prima. It was raining all the way and what is in my mind is the slippery road. 

I put my AES Detector with map again after the first test during the last Aidil Adha holiday. Of course it reminds me of the nearest speed camera and traffic light camera at a range of 1000 meters along the way but I could not see any speed camera at the mentioned location. Not sure what type of camera was fixed or maybe there is no camera yet and the application detect the speed camera based on the cordinates from the concessionaire. Of course I slow down at every reminder to avoid becoming popular when it snap my picture. 

How many of you tried out the apps? 

I notice some updating when the speed is shown on the screen and no more annoying reminder after passing any speed camera location. 

However when I drive along the Kuantan - Gambang road, there are a few reminders of speed camera and traffic light camera. However the speed limit might be wrong because all the verbal reminder mention as 110 kmh when it should be 90 kmh as the speed limit on trunk roads.

UPDATE (28 November 2012)

The second time I travel on LPT (Lebuhraya Pantai Timur) is during the day where I can see shat is ahead. At all the points where my AES Detector application , ther is actually no AES Speed camera. So I am sure the application camera location was based on the cordinate and the camera will be installed in future. 


cikgu said...

Please do not take this for granted, maybe the next time there is one at the mentioned spot.Save your RM300 for better things for you and your family.

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