Saturday, 14 July 2012

Power Bank @ PIKOM PC Fair

Went to PIKOM PC Fair today. As usual my "compulsory" visit even though have no intention of buying anything. As I said, I have no plan to buy anything. Two PC Fairs ago I bought a laptop and a Transformer Pad. 

I was a bit surprised this time around visitors are not as many as previous PIKOM PC Fairs. Is it a sign of declining economy or computer and ICT hunters still have working gadgets from their previous buy. 

This time around I think the pulling factor is power bank. Many booth promote and sells power bank gadgets which is a necessity today since the use of mobile gadget consume lots of power. With the power bank available, at least their gadget can still run until they can find a power outlet to refresh their gadget. 

I bought a power bank gadget too and hope it will come handy when I travel again in future. I bought one, a  Mipow Power Tube Mipow 5500 mAH that can juice my Samsung Tablet at RM 180.00. When I am back home the same gadget sells on eBay at RM 170.00 plus RM8.00 shipping. A difference of RM 2.00 does not have any effect, I think, since you can check the gadget before buying. 
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