Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nasi Arab Lunch @ Alshrooq

I have never been to any restaurant serving Middle East cuisine before but yesterday 16th July 2012 I had an opportunity to patronise one at Endah Promenade in Sri Petaling.

The restaurant, Alshrooq is located on level 1 of the complex.
Went with a group of friends for lunch and we ordered Nasi Arab with lamb. The portion size is quite large and to most Malaysian appetite a plate can feed two adult. Most of us seems struggling to finish a plate of rice and lamb. I finish mine but some have to give up. A plate of Nasi Arab and Lamb costs RM15.00. The presentation is as in the photo below, however its chicken and not Royal lamb. This is not from my camera but by a reader who posted it on the internet.

During our visit there is a promotion of a one FREE plate with three plates ordered. 

 We arrived a bit early maybe since the chicken is not ready and still being grilled. 
 After paying the bill, I was a bit surprised because there is no tax in the bill making me wonder why local owned businesses are pushing for such taxes but this foreign owned outlet does not care about it? Are local owned business outlet trying to make extra sales by imposing taxes and do they actually submit them to the Treasury? 
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