Friday, 20 July 2012

Ako pagdating sa Pilipinas

It was an unplanned visit to the Berjaya Times Square in Imbi this evening when my wife wanted to buy some supplements. When we arrived we found out an event was taking place on the lower ground concourse. From the First floor we could see a cultural performance being presented on stage and the whole event was Philippines Tourism Cultural Promotion . The similar dance found in Sabah, the Magunatip. However in the Philippines it was called  Tinikling (pronounced teeh-NEEHK-ling) - This dance originated from the islands of Leyte in the Visayas group. It got its name from the tikling bird - its legendary grace and speed in avoiding bamboo traps set by farmers among the rice stalks. Dancers step and turn between two long bamboo poles struck together rapidly to the beat of music. Tinikling is honored as the Philippine national dance. (Anyway I found this on the internet). 

The event was the Philippines Tourism Cultural Promotion. Then this opportunity came. I was standing behind the rows of chairs when the MC on stage was calling for volunteers to come on stage. Two Kenyan ladies went up, a Filipino went up, a Yemeni went up, an Indonesian guy went up. Then the MC was calling for a Malaysian go on stage. When it seems no Malaysian want to go up, a lady who I came to know from GSA: Pacific World Travel Sdn. Bhd. approached me and requested to take to the stage. I oblighed and went up little expecting what I was going to face on stage. I was juggling in my mind that the MC might be asking questions about The Philippines. 

I was on stage and unofficially representing Malaysia. Wow.......

Then the MC mention that we are going to play a game. Now what on earth is the game I am going to play? He briefed 8 of us on stage that it will be an elimination game and I still did not know what the winner will win. 

Now I want you all to look up to the ceiling. all of us looked up to the ceiling. Look down!, and all of us looked onto the stage floor. Well, that was the game. But the last representative to remain on stage after elimination will be the winner. Participants are to perform the opposite of what the MC said. If he says Down! we have to look up and vice versa. 

One by one is being eliminated until it was me and the Yemeni. Tough competition urgh?........Down....down....up....up....up....up....down....and then the shout from the floor and my opponent did the mistake. I can't believe that I really had been a stubborn guy on the stage by not obeying the MC's order. 

Yes!!!!, I won a return flight ticket Kuala Lumpur-Manila-Kuala Lumpur on airphilexpress Now I will be going to the drawing board to plan my visit to the Land of Pinoys. If all planning goes on well, it will be another addition to ASEAN countries that I visit after Indonesia during the SEA Games in 2011. It will be more opportunity to write and post about The Philippines on my blog. 
This is the airphilexpress Airbus A320s among their Bombardier Q300 and Q400 fleets. Its another airline that operates from The Philippines. The list of other airlines that operates in the Philippines can be found HERE.
 Philippines Department of Tourism is promoting Tourism in The Philippines with its tagline 

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