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Hong Kong @ Sungai Wang

The first time I step foot on Hong Kong Island was in 2003 when I attended the International Symposium For High Altitude Traning at Hong Kong Sports Institute in Sha Tian. When I told my friend about the trip and the place, he mention to me that Sha Tin is popular for its horse racing on weekends. However I did not have that opportunity to watch the race live even though the HKSI is just next door to the Hong Kong Turf Club. It so happen that my memories of visiting Hong Kong twice came back coincidentally when I park my car at BB Plaza rooftop car park, and that lead me to writing this post. I think there are nostalgic moments at places you have visited. 

It was my first visit to this place called HK Station, at Level 6 Sungai Wang Plaza. HK of course stands for Hong Kong. As I mention , it was just a coincidence to walk onto that floor  since I parked my car at Level 5 near the door to enter Yellow Zone and walk down the stairs, when I saw signages leading to the 6th floor. So on the way back to the car later in the evening, I decided to drop in. 

This is what the Sungai Wang website mention about the place and I copied it; "Hop up to Hong Kong Station for the latest, most contemporary teen fashion! Whether it's upbeat, flashy or plain simple chic, there is one to suit every eclectic taste.

From fashionable apparel to shoes, colourful accessories to unique collector's items, cool hang-out places to theme restaurants, Hong Kong Station offers immense selection to the young urban shoppers with more than 100 exciting retail outlets to choose from. And it's all happening at the Sixth Floor of Sungei Wang Plaza!".

Besides outlets selling apparels there is also a Karaoke (not the sleazy type) and Game Arcade. I was made to understand that the apparels are mostly imported and the price is quite competitive with Kenanga Wholesale City outlet. Here you can buy them at a cheaper retail price compared to Kenanga where you have to buy wholesale. It means you have to buy a specified number of the item if you want it cheap. Items at HK Station cater more to the younger generations and teenagers.   

As soon as you walk up the escalator you will be greeted with a collage of street facade in Hong Kong like the pictures below on either side of the walls. 
Then you can see the street names in Hong Kong on the pillar like this one below

Here is the directory of the outlets at HK Station

Decorations at public places has that Hong Kong atmosphere like the post boxes and bird cages. You might want to drop a letter inside one of these post boxes but the letter will not get to the adressee. LOL 

Tired of walking? Take a rest on the wooden bench next to the karaoke outlet and watch the birds in the cages above your head. Sit back and relax while listening the the chirping of the birds. Ooppsss.....did I say birds chirping away? I am sorry. There are no birds but just empty cages for decoration purpose only. 
Photos below are some of the outlets along the aisle at HK Station. 

 If you are a collector of Coca Cola bottles and items, there is a shop lot here that can cater to your needs. I saw Coke items and lots of them, mostly not found on our shores. The shop sells First Day Covers, stamps and collectible currency and coins and antiques too. 

For tourist, the following information from the Sungai Wang website can be of help if you want to visit the Mall. 

International Air Travel
KL International Airport (Sepang)03-8787 3894
Domestic Air Travel
Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (Subang)03-7846 3000 / 7846 1833
Train Station
KL Railway Station03-2274 7435
Light Rail Transit
Putra LRT
Star LRT (Customer Service)
KL Monorail
03-7625 6999
03-2698 4977
03-2273 1888
Inter-State / Singapore / Thailand Bus Services
Puduraya Bus Terminal
Putra Bus Terminal
Pekeliling Bus Terminal
03-2070 0145
03-4043 8984
03-4043 9022
Tourist Information
Malaysia Tourist Centre (MTC) 109, Jalan Ampang03-2164 3929
You may also reach Sungei Wang Plaza by the KL Monorail direct from KL Sentral or using Ampang line and disembark Hang Tuah station and change to the monorail towards Bukit Bintang Station two stops away. KL Rapid bus service also brings you to Sungei Wang Plaza too. 

Just tell your friend I wuz @ HK ........................................

No Not Hong Kong but HK Station @ Sungai Wang.......

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