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Obyek Wisata Bukit Siguntang, Palembang

This is a backdated post that should have been up at least in December 2011. But better late than never.

Last November during the SEA Games in Palembang, a local friend took me and another Malaysian friend for some shopping and a brief tour of Palembang  city  before we depart for Kuala Lumpur the next day. It was a bit of a rush since we are against time.

One place that she took us is the Obyek Wisata Bukit Siguntang.

The entrance to Obyek Wisata Bukit Siguntang taken from HERE

Bukit Siguntang is situated in Daerah Bukit Lama has a historical background in it. it has been a park where teenagers hang out with their partner under the trees or gasebos since the place is quite secluded, cool and have some romantic environment. I do not want to elaborate more. 

At the highest point of the hill, smell of burning incense can be felt and scattered are tombs under small buildings erected over them. There are eight of them and these tombs were well kept and has the impression that it is sacred. Visitors come to pay tribute the deceased.

It was said that during the rule of Sriwijaya, Bukit Siguntang is a Buddhist place of worship. During the Dutch colonialisation, this hill with a height of 27 metres, archeologist found artifacts such Buddhist arches and inscriptions. In 1950s, ancient building structures were also found. Read more about the history HERE.

Tombs found here belongs to the following

- Raja Si Gentar Alam

- Putri Kembang Dadar

- Putri rambut Selako

- Panglima Bagus Kuning

- Panglima Bagus Karang

- Panglima Tuang Junjungan

- Panglima Raja Batu Api



More Photos HERE

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