Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mi Celur of Palembang

When I was in Palembang for the SEA Games in 2011 I and my friend were taken to savour one of the local cuisine. We were told that the restaurant serves the best Mee Celur in Palembang. The food is quite similar to our Mee Rebus with yellow mee, bean sprouts and the thick gravy and topped with boiled egg, fried onions and chives.


The restaurant is just an ordinary small shop lot but based on the amount of yellow mee, the bean sprouts, a long Q of take away customer and the full house inside when we arrived, I think it is confirmed the Mi Celur can be the best in Palembang. Well, we have to stand and search for empty seat and when we found them, we still have to share with other diners who is halfway finishing their plate of Mi Celur. Breakfast, anyway.

If you think you want to cook this for your family or guest get the recipe HERE.

The restaurant if I am not mistaken is at Mi Celor 26 Ilir. After a heartful plate of Mi Celor for breakfast, we went to shop for local souvenir at Pasar 26 Ilir nearby. Location MAP

So, if you visit Palembang, do not miss to try this Mi Celur.

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