Thursday, 9 April 2009

Wan Selera Kampung In Perlis

It was on my way back to Kuala Lumpur from Kangar when I decided to stop for lunch. Reached Simpang Empat. Local call it as Simpang Empat Tok Kassim. Who Tok Kassim is, I am not sure. We stop at this selera kampung stall at Simpang Empat. The stall is located opposite the Simpang Empat police station and in front of the public library. If you were to travel from Kangar, the stall is on the right just before the traffic light and the river.  The stall is Wan Selera Kampung. It is open from 10.00 a.m till late evening. But I think the best time to visit is during lunch hour because the food will be more fresh compared in late evenings. 
Besides the ordinary shed, there are also small huts with attap roof that can sit 6 person. The attap create a cool environment inside. 

Food served are self serviced and fresh. One reason is that Simpang Empat is located not far from the Kuala or estuary and locals are mostly fishermen. For that reason sea food here is fresh and you can taste the sweetness of it. 
This guy's job is to prepare ikan bakar and served immediately. He will  grill the fish over charcoal fire. 
The variety of dishes laid neatly on the table. 

If westerners take raw vegetables as salad, Malaysians eat raw veges too. The difference is these are taken as ulam, dip in preparation of chilli and prawn paste or belacan. These local vegetables is believe to have some medicinal effects. There are choice of 'ulams' to bechosen from.  
Varieties of fresh grilled fish to be chosen from.

One of the factor for good taste of curry is because it is cooked in clay pots over wood fire. Three dishes of curry to choose from.


Anonymous said...

foods look delicious.

one thing i remember about perlis is the yummy tomyam i had at padang besar ;)

cikgu said...

Julia, I think to taste the real tom yam is still in Thailand.


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