Monday, 3 October 2016

Xplorejohor at Desaru Fruit Farm

Desaru Fruit Farm is not just another fruit orchard with fruit trees all over the proximity. Well, that was what came into my mind when I browse through the itenary of our FAM trip to Desaru organised by Tourism Johor and TRAM (Travel Writers Association Malaysia). This trip was under the Xplore Johor program.

Our trip took off from MATIC at Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur but for me and two other friends, we arrived at KL Central from Jitra at 1.50 am and became a temporary vagrant for a few hours.  

Desaru Fruit Farm (DFF) is an award winning Tropical Fruitland in Malaysia and was awarded the best agro tourism site in Malaysia by MAHA in 2006. Visitors to Desaru must not dropping by at the farm. The Farm was also awarded as Innovative Tourism Attraction- Agro Tourism Conservation by Malaysia Tourism Awards 2010. 

Our entourage were treated to a sumptuous lunch with signature dishes of the farm's Chefs upon arrival drim Kuala Lumpur. Being writers, photographers and blogger its a "ritual", before enjoying the  dishes they are to be scrutinised under the cameras. Hands off all food before the photographers finish capturing them. 

The first round of food we had are the juicy fruits all fresh from the farm. There are rambutans, passion fruit, jackfruit, papayas, amra, Gauva, Roseapple, pineapple and one of the popular local fruit in Johor, the pulasan or its scientific name Nephelium mutabile Blume.

Then only we were served lunch consisting among the dishes is Tongkat Ali Chicken soup (Kampung style) and Ikan Masam Manis besides a few more delicuous dishes. The desert beside fruits is the delicious sweet serawa durian with glutinuous rice. 
The Serawa Durian and glutinuous rice

DFF occupy an area of 180 acres and planted with more than 100 varieties of tropical fruit besides having agricultural gallery, fish pond, vegetables and herbal garden.

We were then taken for a tour of the orchard on the farm's Ferralori (the long lost brother of the Ferrari, hahahahaha), the mini zoo, the herbal garden. 

What makes Desaru Fruit Farm stand out from other from tourist attraction ochards is that they do not only see fruit trees before their eyes but for children enjoy feeding the rabbits and goats at the petting zoo.

Visitors can also see the honey bees at work and sit through the Bee Keeping Management talk and taste raw honey from the farm. 

For the more adventuruous visitor, there is the Adventure Park where you can play the Paintball War Game or get dirty trying your skill at the Dirt Cart track. 

Tour Packages to Desaru Fruit Farm can be found HERE and HERE.


Visitor dan drive to Desaru Fruit Farm either through the Senai-Desaru Highway or the Kota Tinggi-Pengerang Federal Route 92, en route the beach resorts of Desaru. 


Visitors can stay at the beach resort not far away or at hotels in Bandar Penawar.

 Website Desaru Fruit Farm
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