Friday, 21 August 2015

Cendol Pulut Jo @ Hosba

How about a cooling dessert on a hot day? Cendol is a popular traditional dessert in South East Asia especially in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma. Naturally cendol drink is just a mixture of green flour jelly coconut milk and sugar syrup cooled with shaved ice. However modification had been made by adding red beans, cream corn, grass jelly and glutinous rice.

While on the way back from the Pesta Orchid and Flora RTC 2015, I made a stop ad one of the popular Cendol stall in the town of Hosba, Cendol Pulut Jo.

Cendol Pulut Jo has been in existence since the 90s and had been a popular spot to quench thirst for those living around Hosba town or travelers going up to Bukit Kayu Hitam or Thailand in the north. It has been a household name if one were to ask where to find Cendol Pulut.

From just a three wheeler cart, Cendol Pulut Jo had expanded into a restaurant and now it has another outlet not far from the original site.

At first I decided to stop at the main restaurant but since it was a Friday, it was closed. The original site is just a few metres up from the Kedah RTC on the way up north.

The other restaurant is located on the south bound route towards Jitra town. It is immediately after the Hosba Mosque. There is ample parking space amd the restuarant serve normal Malay food for lunch and fried snacks such as Cucur Udang.

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