Friday, 24 October 2014

A Trip To KLIA2

I landed at KLIA at about 2.50 pm from Tawau and will have to wait until 7.55 before taking a connecting flight to Alor Setar. Its quite a long wait and I decided to make a visit to the newly open KLIA2 dedicated for Low Cost Carriers to replace the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).


I am not sure for others but for me after exiting the arrival gate,I did not find signage showing how to go to KLIA2. When I asked the ERL counter the lady ask me to take the train (ERL). So I went to the ERL station and at the ticket counter did not see any sign of going to KLIA2. Maybe I missed the word KLIA2. So I took the escalator back to Level 2 heading towards the bus station. I know there is shuttle bus connecting both terminal.

There's a sign KLIA2 at Platform 12 and the fare is RM1.00. I thought it was the "real" shuttle bus plyging between KLIA and KLIA2. However it was just a normal public bus that drives through KLIA2 to somewhere else. The bus was sardine packed and imagine air passengers with large luggage taking the ride. To me its really a bad image for an international airport with poor shuttle service. The bus frequency is a 30 minutes wait, hence the crowded passengers.


The bus arrive at the bus terminal of KLIA2 and as soon as I step down, its just like a "Rusa Masuk Kampung" for me. Remember this is my first visit to KLIA2.

All this while what I read on the internet through bloggers review is about the KLIA2 proper that is where budget air traveler arrives and depart.
Photo above is a brief information about the floors of KLIA2 Terminal. Saw this one near one of the escalators at the shopping mall. 

The entrance by public transport at KLIA2 Complex is into the shopping Mall. Its just another shopping mall within an airport. Not only a shopping mall with branded items but also the presence of a grocery store to buy your daily essentials. KLIA2 has a complete Shopping Mall. Transit passengers with a few hours to spend do not have to travel to Kuala Lumpur city to shop. However maybe there should be a LowYatt like mall present. I am not sure of the price tag since I was there not to shop.

There are many eateries to satisfy your palate and the choice if yours whether going for the mamak's NZ Curry House, Western Food or the fast foods. Eateries are scattered and you need to browse through the Touch Screen Information Board to find your way. Its just mimicking Foursquare on your mobile gadgets.

I am not sure there's a mobile apps to represent KLIA2 complex so that visitors and air commuters can find their way much more easier rather than looking for the Information Board.


KLIA2 is actually made up of two sections, the Shopping Mall and the "Airport". Both sections is segregated by an open air space for smokers to exercise their lungs (Oooppsss). The spacious checkin area do provide comfort for passengers with many self check-in terminals. However during my visit all the terminals are out of order and passengers have to check-in at the counters. This signage below was seen at the entrance of the "Airport" terminal.
 Entrance to International Departures Gates to the satellite pier that is connected via a skybridge
 Flight information display board
The Check-In counters
Main terminal building layout plan. Credit 


I was enjoying my meal at NZ Curry House when I spotted the shuttle bus. Well, its the actual shuttle bus between both airports. However this bus do not go to KLIA bus station but o the public car park. So commuter can't take this bus if they are going to stop at KLIA. Read on bus, if its written LTKP - KLIA - KLIA2 then it make a stop at KLIA.
Since this bus do not stop at KLIA, I took the ERL back to KLIA and the fare is RM2.00

A first timer visiting KLIA2 can get confused easily what more for foreigners. 

More information for KLIA2.

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