Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Muzium Nanas Negeri Johor End Of The Pineapple Trail

Being located in the pineapple producing area it is only suitable to have one place where visitors can gather information about the industry. Muzium Nanas Negeri Johor at kilometre 52 along the Johor Bahru-Kukup tourist route set up for that reason. Its only 45 minutes away from Johor Bahru city by public transport and the only museum related to pineapple in Malaysia.

Our Sahabat Media Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia trip had a brief stop at the museum when we visited Pontian on the first day.

The museum had a collection of artifacts, exhibits, publications and information pertaining to the pineapple industry in the country. Housing all these, it worthwhile to pay a visit to Muzium Nanas Johor if you are interested to learn about pineapple and its industry.

The museum is divided into five sections beginning with the history of Malaysia pineapple growing, Introduction to Pineapple Farming, Agronomy and the process of how pineapple are canned. Outdoor the museum also planted 18 varieties of pineapple comprising of fresh varieties, canning varieties and ornamental pineapple varieties where visitors can view the different fruit characterization and other varietal differences.
Some of the exhibits at Muzium Nanas

During our visit we saw a demonstration of how pineapple yarn are extracted from the pineapple leaves.
While being briefed about Muzium Nanas we we were treated to Ais Krim Malaysia with pineapple flavor. Ais Krim Malaysia was made popular since the 60s. 

After a hot day what is more refreshing than a cool "Ais Krim Malaysia"  with pineapple flavour. Our stopover at the museum ends our Pineapple Trail for the day.

The museum is operated by Jabatan Pertanian Negeri Johor and can be contacted at

Aras 2&3, Sayap Timur, Parcel C2S,
Pusat Pentdbiran Kerajaan Johor,
Kota Iskandar,
79000 Nusajaya, Johor
Tel: +607 2666707

Batu 32, Jalan Johor, Pontian,
Johor Darul Ta'zim
Tel: +607 6868750 / 6871249

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