Saturday, 6 September 2014

Mee Siput Is Not Made Of Snail

It my first time I heard of such noodle. At first I was wondering why it is called mee siput, until we arrived at the cottage industry in Kampung Seri Paya in Kulai. This mee siput is a food product by Zai Foodstuff Enterprise located at no. 50 Jalan Kenangan, Kampung Seri Paya, Kulai Jaya.  
The mee siput resemble the sanggul siput practiced by Malay women who roll their long hair to avoid it being messy if left to flow freely. The noodle after being pressed out into circular rolls are dried in a warm room for about a day until it dries. Then only it is being packed and market.

Mee Siput can be eaten as snack just like eating those crackers or can be cooked like the normal noodle. This snack is popular among school children around Kulai Jaya and can in one way or another add some carbohydrate since the ingredient is flour. 

We were given the opportunity to try out the Mee Siput and everybody puts a thumb up.

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