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Pineapple Trail - Stesen Nanas Kampung Alor Bukit

It was very hectic for us who join the Sahabat Media Cuti-cuti 1 Malaysia organised by Tourism Malaysia, mmode sdn. bhd and Santai Travel Magazine since we have to rush here and there fulfilling the hosts' needs. However at the end of the day it ended with full of satisfaction and fun when we finally arrive at Star rated hotels to freshen up, rest and sleep before continuing with the following day itenaries.

If the conclusion of the FAM trip does not end up with satisfaction, many will just give up after their first expereince but most of the member of the group are repeaters. I myself has not missed any of the trip since I join them for the Ipoh trip in May 2014. However in appreciation for the organiser and our host we are required to write and share our experience. This trip is in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year 2014, VMY2014.

From 12 to 14 August, I joined the trip to Johor and our first stop was at the Stesen Nanas Alor Bukit in the Pontian district.
We arrived at about 1.30 just nice for lunch of Nasi Nanas served at the Balai Serbaguna Janaplasma, Stesen Nanas Alor Bukit hosted by Bahagian Pembangunan Teknologi Nanas (BPTN) of Lembaga Perindustrian Nanas Malaysia

Arriving Stesen Nanas Alor Bukit on a hot sunny midday, it was so refreshing to be greeted with chunks of succulent Nanas, so juicy.  

Pineapple was first cultivated in the Malay Peninsular by Mr Lee Kong Chian (now Tan Sri Dato' Dr) who is also the owner of OCBC Bank. This first pineapple farm is still operating at Parit Sikom in Pontian Kecil and we saw the farm from far when we visited the Nictar Bee Farm (more on this in another post).

At the pineaple farm we were briefed by Encik Adiasrol who told us that the 300 acre farm is the largest peat soil research site in the world. Out of the area, 260 acres were used for pineapple research while the other 40 acres still under oil palm. Pineapple is one of the most popular exotic fruits used in cocktails, appetisers and desserts.

Most of us too were surprised that there are actually 80 varieties of pineapple and all the varieties and most them are planted on the research site. Read more about this compound fruit HERE.

Bahagian Pembangunan Teknologi Nanas also had successfully grow a new species named Nanas Manis MD2  a new variety hybrid and sweeter than the popular Josapine vareity. Nanas Manis MD2's skin golden yellow when ripe. The fruits is uniform weight of between 1.3 - 2.5 kg and 5cm - 10cm in size.This species is less fibruous, sweeter and can fetch a market price of RM5.00 a kilo. We were then given the opportunity to taste the sweet and juicy Nanas Manis MD2 and many of us eat until we felt the stinging effect on the tongue, a normal reaction if we eat too much pineapple. 

There was a lesson that we learn about the effect of the stinging sensation from Mr Haleem of Nistar Bee farm. The cuplrit is Glomalin . 

What is more interesting is that I has the opportunity to take home a souvenir in the form of the MD2 crown and hope to plant it on home ground. 

Well, our first afternoon can be considered Kembara Nanas since it was all about pineapple from the time we alight from the comfort of the airconditioned coach into the hot sun at Stesen Nanas Alor Bukit until we reach Hotel Double Tree in Johor Bahru City.  

The pineapple research station is open to knowledge seeking visitors and you can contact: 
Wisma Nanas, No 5, Jalan Padi Mahsuri,
Bandar Baru Uda,
81200 Johor Bahru
Tel: +607 2361211 /012 / +607 2351337 / 587
Fax : +607 2365694
email :

A visit to any pineapple farm can be another tourism product that can be promoted by tour operators. Tourist not only can savour the fresh juicy pineapple right from the plant itself - hot from the farm. It is also part of marketing and can help pineapple farmers make some extra income. 

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