Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Red Wine At Executive Club, Casuarina@Meru

For the first time in my life I sipped red wine. When we mention wine its all about alcoholic beverage served at functions and clubs. The Red Wine that I tasted at Casuarina@Meru's Executive Club is INAH Shiraz a produce of South Africa. It is real red wine minus alcohol and not sparkling beverages as sold in shopping malls and supermarkets. Inah Shiraz is alcohol free product, certified halal by Muslim Judicial Council and endorsed by JAKIM. 

Casuarina@Meru Executive Club located on Level 2 of the hotel do not serve any alcoholic drink on its premise. However those who organise their function at the Club have to bring along their own supply of alcoholic beverages. 

The Club has two section, the closed air conditioned section and the open air section. The closed air conditioned section has retractable partition and can be opened to join the open air section. 
Executive Club is open daily except for Sunday unless there are functions booked. Resident band will entertain guest from 8.30 pm to 12.00 pm. 
Casuarina@Meru's Executive Club is for guest to wind down after a tiring day and for Muslims, never has to worry about sipping halal drinks since they do not serve liquor and alcoholic beverages in the house. While away your evenings or night either indoor or at the outdoor section and enjoy the cool air, the mountain view and the clouds above. 

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